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Having Moms

I’ve always had multiple moms. Even here, in the blogging world, I have Mom Donna. In college, it was Debbie who took me for her own while I was far from home. There have been four women who have defined the word “mother” for me....
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On a Sunny Saturday

You’ll find us outside. Me with my camera.Girls with their girlness.Feast your eyes. 🙂(For all those Faraway Relatives We Miss, these two have been updated just for you!)
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Fun Saturday Morning Meme

The question has been asked: “How well do you know your husband?” I found this over at SFO Mom, though it started with Regular Guy. I am buried under other memes, but had to do this one… 🙂 Update: turns out I was tagged by...
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The Carnival as Catechesis

This week, Ebeth, that hostess with the mostest, points out that the Catholic Carnival serves a great catechetical need. (Well, she words it better.) Her words rang true to me, from the couple of years I’ve been involved with hosting and submitting to the Carnival....
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A Little Time for Myself

For one hour every week, I pause in my life of chaos-rush-juggle. I drop the kids off with my mother-in-law and I go to sit at my Father’s feet. I think of it as guaranteed Mom Time. You can read all about it in my...
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Only Six?

Julie tagged me a while back, so here are my six quirks. 1. While I can hold off on vacuuming until right before company arrives or it reaches maximum capacity, I cannot stand the thought of an unopened letter or an unread note from my...
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