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Confirmation Boot Camp and the YOUCAT

For six four-hour days this month, I was part of the teaching duo for our Confirmation Boot Camp. A lot of people responded to me on Twitter and Facebook, wanting details and more information, so I’ll outline it a little here and share my new...
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Reviewing A Biblical Walk through the Mass

I’ve only been Catholic for ten years. The only Mass I know is the Mass we have now. And I love it. It speaks to me, no matter if the music is bad, the homily is dry, the whole thing full of distractions (in pew...
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Mrs. Jesus

A Mary Moment Monday post A good friend posted on my Facebook wall the other day: Thought of you the other night when the 4 y/o mentioned “Mrs. Jesus”. I asked him who that is (almost dreading the answer), and he answered very delightedly, “Jesus’...
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Stormy and Overcast with a Guarantee of Writing

Outside my window: The leaves of the silver maple are blowing against a gray sky. Around the house: The girls are watching PBS; the baby is sleeping. The dishwasher (still a novelty!) is purring across the kitchen. In my thoughts: My three-year-old has been uber-whiny...
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Hopes for the CNMC 2011

I so hope I can join all the cool kids in Kansas City for the Catholic New Media Conference, Saturday, October 1. It’s possible I won’t be able to attend, life being what it is. But boy, do I ever WANT to attend! The program?...
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Q4U: What do you watch?

Well, I have a TON of other things to blog about, but here’s some help I could use. We just got rid of DirecTV (gasp!). We’re trying out a TiVo and we’re at the beginning of a 30-day Netflix trial. So far, the novelty of...
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A Letter to My Dad Upstairs

Dear God, I don’t always think of You on Father’s Day, but you sure are on my mind a lot. You’re the first one I should go to, Father, with all those cares and concerns. You’re the one who’s supposed to be driving; you’re the...
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