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A Mary Moment Monday post

Mary Figure

I’ve been thinking about this post since Friday afternoon, when my mother-in-law got a call from my sister-in-law about what had happened in Connecticut.

Then, a friend on Facebook started a prayer movement.

But…what can I say? What can I add?

All I have is a title.

And a mental image of Mary at the foot of the Cross.

She knows tears. There were tears, no doubt, at the good news of her pregnancy. They must have been tears of frustration (how many people really believed her, do you think?) and tears of joy.

There had to be tears in those first few moments in Bethlehem, holding her Child and looking into Joseph’s eyes over the downy head.

Were there tears at the Presentation? How about as she contemplated all the things that could have happened after she found 12-year-old Jesus in the Temple?

The first place I think to turn in sorrow is Mary. And who better to turn to than Mama? Who can hold us closer, comfort us more, and lead us to Jesus in our pain, grief, and horror?

Who’s crying harder than Mary right now, as she watches the mess here on earth? Who has more hope for us, though, than Mama Mary, as she sees the way people come together to pray and offer assistance?

Mary, Mother of Sorrow, pray for us! Hold the victims and their families close and lead us all closer to the peace that comes with the Birth of your Son.

So many people are saying wise and thoughtful things about the tragedy in Connecticut. Here are a few that have impacted me:

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  • melanie jean juneau

    Mary is crying tears, tears that flow towards her Son. She gathers all the tears from her children, lets them mingle with hers and surrenders all the pain and sorrow to the Saviour because He uses them to heal and wash people clean. Only Jeus and Mary can turn sorrow to joy if we will trust her

  • Mrs Suburban Failure

    Of much comfort to me has been The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows, which Imaculee Ilibigaza has been bringing light to in recent years. (It was the prayer she said constantly during her four months hiding in a closet during the Rwandan genocide.) It contemplates those exact sorrows and tears you describe.

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