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You know what I love more than almost anything?

A good story.

When that story is packaged between two covers and called a book, even better. (Yeah, it’s okay on my Kindle too. I’ll give you that. The covers can be metaphorical.)

I love novels. In fact, I have a writing friend who sent me a note not to long ago, asking how my novel was coming along.

I’m not writing a novel, but she knows well that when you love reading, you often write, and when you love fiction, guess what? That’s what you write.

(Except me. No fiction so far.)


So, given the chance to review T.M. Doran’s latest, Terrapin, I pretty much replied right away. And I pretty much read it right away.

If his first book was great writing (and I thought it was), his second is no less.

And yet, just as your children can be related but very, very different, this book is something different than Toward the Gleam. It’s more mystery, less (if any) sci-fi-ish tinge.

Doran’s characters are complicated, and that makes them real. The mystery is maddening, and that makes it fun. I want to reread it, and that sets it apart on my bookshelf.

I don’t want to compare Doran’s writing with other big name writers, because he really stands alone, at least with the fiction that I end up picking up and reading for review. The words “impeccable,” “clean,” and “delightful” come to mind as I think of ways to describe it.

All in all, highly recommended.

Your turn: 

What’s the last great novel YOU have read?

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  • Melanie

    The last novel I read was Catholic Philosopher Chick by Regina Doman and Rebecca Bratten Weiss. It was wonderful but I think you already know that.

    • OH YES, Melanie, I LOVED that book too. This was will be good in different ways.

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