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I consider myself pretty much a rookie at this boy mom business.

And this week, that mancub o’ mine is the inspiration for my small successes.

1. When he came to me howling, I didn’t start howling along with him when I realized that his front two teeth were gone.

baby teeth

2. I even managed to let him run around the house after we got home from the urgent care. WITHOUT wrapping him in bubble wrap and insisting he wear a helmet to eat his dinner.

3. I watched His Favorite Tractor Video at least twice with him. The entire video. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you you…)

Your turn!

Small Success Thursday

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  • SERIOUSLY? We’re not going to get the story of the teeth?! I bet it’s a good one. I also bet he’s completely adorable with a gap-toothed smile. HUGS to you! I’m sure that was a nerve-wracking few hours.

  • Emily Davis

    I agree with Barb… what’s the story?! lol
    Moms of boys… sigh! It’s all i know.

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