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Today’s the first official day of the Catholic Family Fun Book Tour! Yay!

Jen Fitz, she of the “I hate Cute Jesus, but Sarah’s book is good” endorsement, is the hostess at her blog, Riparians at the Gate, today.

I have no idea what she will say (because she hasn’t told me), but I’m sure it will be at least:

a. complimentary

b. entertaining

c. inspiring

d. worthy of quoting

So, with that, let’s all head over and see what she said, shall we?

— 2 —

While I’m sending you to other places, this is your friendly reminder that, if you like the idea of Catholic Family Fun, there’s a Facebook page to like, too! On it, I am trying to share (and hoping other people will too) ideas, encouragement, and tips.

— 3 —

I’m going to be updating the book’s website with new activities each month.

In case you were wondering, that TERRIFIES me. I feel like I maybe stretched myself to max capacity on the “family fun idea” pool, is a bit.

“Every good idea I could have had is already in the book,” I whined to a friend.

“You’ll be fine,” she replied, not even batting an eye. (She was one of the poor people who had to deal with my frantic phone calls when I was writing the book. Pray for her.)

— 4 —

I just loved this post at Catholic Vote: The Glories of Being Weird, by Emily Stimpson.

Incidentally, we’re giving away a copy of Emily’s book over at CatholicMom.com. You can read my rave review and enter to win, simple as that.

— 5 —

Here’s something cool: National Pro-Life T-shirt Week, Tuesday, April 24, 2012 through Monday, April 30, 2012. They have t-shirts for $8 (plus S&H) or buttons.

— 6 —

I’ve been working my way through the Hunger Games trilogy. I finished the second book last week, and am hoping to start the next one in the next couple of weeks.

I’m a little ashamed to admit I like them. Kind of a LOT.

To offset that lingering feeling that I should hate them (which is crazy, I guess), here’s a link to some brilliant commentary by Fr. Robert Barron, with videos below, courtesy of Brandon Vogt and Karen Edmisten. (Be warned: spoilers included.)

(click here to see embedded video on YouTube)

(click here to see embedded video on YouTube)

— 7 —

Here’s a bonus (via the link above from Fr. Barron’s written piece): the Shirley Jackson short story “The Lottery” is in the public domain.

Visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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  • I’m always nervous about wildly-popular books.  And dystopia isn’t my usual  genre.   So I’m glad it gets good reviews from credible sources, because the boy came home the other day and said all his friends are talking about how great the book is.  [I told him to read it and let me know what he thought.]

    • Yeah, I guess I’m not familiar enough with genres and suchlike. I’ll have to look into “dystopia” and what that means.

      I did read the Shirley Jackson piece last night. Whoa.

      Let me know what the boy says. I’m intrigued. There are two books in front of the third HG book. Then I’ll be able to post a lengthier review, though probably no more intelligent-sounding, because, dude! I am just not smart on this…need to noodle it some more.

      •  Dystopia is the opposite of Utopia.  It’s the whole world of Very Bad Things In A Future Gone Wrong.  Michelle Buckman’s Death Panels was one of those.  I, on the other hand, like princess stories, Anne of Green Gables, Jane Austen, and detective novels set someplace romantically-stylish and period, with a satisfying ending.  Why would I want to spend three hours someplace miserable I’d never want to visit, you know? 

        Which is ironic, because I’ve got this idea for a series set in my own current place of residence.  Which is not a romantic setting.   Hence no one every writes anything set here, hehe. I bet it’ll never sell until a publisher makes me add horses and long dresses or something, lol.

      • KathleenBasi

        “Dystopia” is a genre of books standing at the opposite end from “utopia.” If that helps. When everything falls to pieces, usually due to war and/or brutal regimes.

        I have read, or tried to read, all three of the recent crazes. Love Harry, loathe Bella (couldn’t get past the second book), stand in awe of Katniss. I think what I love about Harry & Katniss is the way they live out Christian world view without ever saying a word about it. There’s a guy named Granger who writes about HP in particular, whose POV is that the stories that resonate this way do so b/c they reveal a deeper truth, i.e. a Christian truth.

        Fr. Barron’s point about the human sacrifice is really interesting, but I think our “reality TV” sacrifices human dignity, if not human life…not too far off. I wrote about that here (hope you’ll forgive the self-promo): http://kathleenbasi.com/2012/03/26/hunger-games-reality-tv/

  • Colleen

    Love your book. Wish I’d had it when my kids were young. We would have a Family night every week with games and prayers and fun with religion! I’m going to give it to my now 30 year old son. He has a 2 year old and another on the way! Congrats and God bless!

    • Thanks so much, Colleen! I hope he enjoys it as much as you do! 🙂

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