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There’s lots to share about Catholic Family Fun today, including two Book Tour stops and a new “Just for Moms” post on the CFF website!

A Review and Giveaway

Not only does my friend and fellow blogger Michelle Reitemeyer review Catholic Family Fun, but she also has two copies to give away! Here’s my favorite excerpt (though I loved the whole thing):

And lastly, don’t let the word “Catholic” in the title throw you off.  This is not a book about how to make praying the rosary seem exciting or having your kids memorize the names of the books of the Bible in order or charades where you guess which title of Mary they are (is that Queen of Angels or Queen of Apostles?).  Rather, this book is primarily ideas for doing things as a family with additional ideas for how to make it Catholic thrown in (which you can take or leave).  So don’t feel that you or your family isn’t Catholic enough to enjoy this book, but also realize that incorporating our Catholic faith into normal, family fun is very easy and also beneficial.  Having fun together as a family strengthens the family, and having some faith-base to those activities strengthens our faith.

Michelle was one of the first two readers of my blog, back when I started. She’s become a good friend over the years, one I’ve actually met more than once. Her review is special to me on a lot of levels, not least of which is that her husband knows who I am (I’m the lady who wants to be asleep and has a park for a backyard).

Michelle has some good insight into using Catholic Family Fun, who it’s best for, and you caught that she’s giving a couple away, right? Go visit her!

Confessions of the Family Fun Variety

Karen Edmisten is another blogger-friend I’ve known for many years. Just as she shares that she’s watched me turn into a published author, I’ve watched her journey down that path ahead of me.

She was kind enough to host me for a guest post, “Having FUN with Family Fun: Confessions from the Failure Files,” in which I share some tips and honestly relate how I get back up from my many failures in this area.

It took me a while to admit that when we were having a family fun time. I wasn’t having much fun.

Not really.

I was too obsessed about what exactly we were doing, about the details, about the things that were–gasp! horror! shriek!–going DIFFERENTLY THAN I PLANNED!

Things were not perfect. Though the kids were laughing and squealing, there wasn’t any insightful discussion about Jesus or the saints and no one had asked for a Bible story.

What was I doing wrong?

Join me at Karen’s place and read the whole thing!

Just for Moms and Spring Cleaning

Each month, I’m updating the “Just for Moms” section of the Catholic Family Fun website, and this month, I’m talking spring cleaning. Don’t be fooled, though: my floor still needs swept after two weeks of telling myself I’m going to do it.

Guilty confession: I understand why there’s a need for spring cleaning. It’s because I’m no good at cleaning the rest of the year.

There is something, though, about being able to throw open the windows and clear out some clutter. There’s something appealing about a crispness in the drapes, a freshness to the sheets, an empty tidiness on the floor.

Housework is an area that remains a huge hurdle for me. Maybe it’s my season in life. More likely, it’s my state of mind.

Read the whole thing at the Catholic Family Fun website.

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