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1. Introducing a “Mary Minute with Chesterton”

I have been listening to Uncommon Sense, the podcast of the American Chesterton Society, since it started. I blame the hostess, Nancy Brown, for fanning the flame of interest I already had in G.K. Chesterton with her insightful commentary and interesting interviews.

The latest episode, #40, features my latest project, a “Mary Minute with Chesterton.” If you listen to me in other places, you know that it’s longer than a minute. 🙂 It’s going to be a regular feature, and I have to admit, I hesitated before agreeing to it. (In the interest of full disclosure, I volunteered. But the idea had been bugging me for quite a while before I actually acted on it.)

One of the reasons I’ve been such a fan of Uncommon Sense is that it’s low-key. The episodes are digestible in length and content — I haven’t read a lot of Chesterton, but Nancy makes me want to try and try again.

So…let me know what you think. And if you have ideas for this, I’m probably going to need them! (This feels very much like an example of God calling the qualified and not the other way around!)

2. Writing about Mary in 2011

Do you have any special Marian topics you’d like to see me tackle in 2011? I should have had my calendar put together (it’s a guideline, not a hard-and-fast schedule — helps when I’m stuck), but…I don’t. We won’t get into reasons. 🙂

3. What’s your word?

Last year, I was inspired to pick a one word resolution. Though I hope to get back to monthly resolutions (like Michelle, who gave me the idea in the first place many years ago), I really found this one word theme for the year helpful.

My word this year is LISTEN. I am going to do a longer post, but thought I’d toss it out there. When I posted about this last week, there were some great suggestions in the comments. Anyone else doing this? What’s your word for 2011?

4. Who’s your saint?

I didn’t have a saint pick me last year (though one did, all the same, and it was Our Lady of Sorrows), but thanks to Jen’s saint’s name generator, I did this year.

My saint this year is St. Zita. I’ll admit, we’re strangers right now. It cracks me up that one of her patronages is against losing keys; it makes me smile to see that homemakers and domestic servants are also on her list. I’m going to read some more about her and include her in my prayer time.

Did you have a saint pick you? Who’d you get?

5. Make Saturday a family movie night.

Have you heard about Change of Plans? It’s a family movie that’s airing on Saturday, January 8, on FOX at 8 PM EST (7 PM CST). It deals with issues related to adoption and foster care.

From the press release:

“Change of Plans: demonstrates how our lives can be turned upside down with a single phone call. When Sally Danville (Brooke White, “American Idol”) finds out that her best friend from college died in a tragic accident while serving in the Peace Corps, Sally also learns that she has been named the legal guardian of her friend’s four children—three of whom were adopted from third-world countries. Now Sally and her husband, Jason (Joe Flanigan, “Stargate: Atlantis”), must quickly learn to parent this instant family and help the kids deal with culture clashes and life in America. The story is both humorous and heartwarming; revealing how fulfilling life can be when you look beyond your own plans and invest in the lives of others.

I’m intrigued by this whole thing…this is the second movie that’s come my way tagged as a family movie night and I’m glad to see it. Here’s more from the press release:

When research revealed parents across America are seeking more family-oriented entertainment options, P&G and Walmart made a commitment to be part of the solution. “Change of Plans” continues P&G and Walmart’s “Family Movie Night” initiative, which strives to produce more quality entertainment options families can enjoy together throughout 2011.

“Family Movie Night” launched in April 2010 with the film “Secrets of the Mountain,” followed by “The Jensen Project” in July, and most recently “A Walk in My Shoes” on December 3. All three movies celebrated success with high-rated tune-in from viewers and associated brands seeing increased sales during the promotional time surrounding the films.

Folks, this might be just the marketing move a certain large retail establishment needed to make to get me back in their doors on a regular basis. (But let’s not tackle that today, okay? I am not out to convert anyone, I just generally avoid that store.) I don’t know if our family will watch this movie on Saturday, but I want to try to capture it on the DVR and at least see it.

6. Speaking of family nights…

We recently started having a family movie and game night once a week and my six-year-old LOVES it. I suspect it’s because she gets to eat in the living room, but she’s also been really into games lately. Her Christmas gifts included quite a few games (buyer’s remorse on my part just a bit…though her enjoyment trumps my annoyance, at least most of the time), and she really gets enthusiastic when I mention that we’ll have a movie/game night. My husband jokes that eating in the living room and staying up late are sure bets for why she’s so excited, but I think there’s more to it.

Because, to tell the truth, I get pretty charged up about them too!

7. The way I get GOOD sleep

Most of the people I’ve talked to over the years say the third kid’s the deal-breaker, the wild card, the one who will break even the strongest. I don’t know if that’s true yet, but I will say that, thanks to my awesome sister-in-law, I am sleeping at night. (Oh, the baby has something to do with that too, I guess.)

When she heard about how much pain I was enduring when I would fall asleep for hours in the recliner after nursing him in the middle of the night, she came back from the store with this, the Total Pillow.

I was hesitant. I’ve never had any luck with neck pillows in the past, and this one didn’t look any different.

Maybe it was the combination of exhaustion and pain, but I tried it the night she gave it to me.

And…I slept with no pain! I woke up refreshed and totally sold on this handy little wacky pillow.

Then I saw the commercial on TV. In the interest of helping you out further, you can find them at Walgreen’s (which is where my SIL bought mine) and, I’m sure, plenty of other places. According to my calculations, you save at least $5 that way.

(This isn’t an ad. I just had to share this, in case some other poor soul can use this product.)

More Quick Takes at Conversion Diary, where Jen’s the hostess with the mostest.

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  • My word for the year is EUCHARIST. I tried to make a thorough, though lengthy, explanation on my blog as to why.

    God Bless
    Katherine recently posted..Word for the Year- 2011

  • Mark

    I like all of these ideas. Thanks for posting. A special Marian request is for my younger daughter Melanie who is getting married on October 8 this year. Prayers for her and her future husband would be most appreciated. And, since I am mentioning things, our archbishop has reopened the application process for the diaconate. I will formally apply this spring to begin in the fall. Any kind words to Our Blessed Mother about this endeavor would be greatly appreciated. Blessings!

  • I love the look of that pillow! I can’t count the times I fell asleep sitting in the couch with my second and woke up with stiff neck and shoulder.

    The Saint I got was St Thomas Aquinas.
    Young Mom recently posted..Im Allergic to the Bible

  • I’ll get my saint on Tuesday! We Secular Franciscans make this a group effort: saint, virtue and scripture verse/Franciscan quote to inspire throughout the year.

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