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— 1 —

I get quite a few review books, which is a slice of heaven for me. I’m buried in them, right now, wishing I could read faster, more often, faster, more often…

Recently, an author asked me if they could send me their novel. I said yes, with the caveat that I may or may not get to it in a timely manner (which means in the next year).

The author has been very gracious about that, and even shared a joke with me by email.

Because you might need a smile too, here’s the joke:

The Pope gets off his plane in DC and into the limo. He says to the driver, “Joe, its been years since I drove a car. Can I drive?”

The driver says, “Sure, Holy Father,” and then jumps into the back seat and raises the screen between them.

After a few miles, the Pope gets pulled over for speeding.

The cop is in an awkward posiiton, so he calls dispatch and says, “Hey, I got a really important guy here that I really don’t want to ticket…don’t we have a VIP program?”

The dispatcher answers, “Whaddaya got, the Mayor or somethin?”

The cop says, “No, way bigger than that.”

Dispatch says, “A Senator?”

“Nope, even bigger,”  says the cop.

Finally the dispatcher says, “Don’t tell me you pulled over the President?”

The cop finally whispers. “No, I think it might Jesus, cause the Pope’s drivin His car!”

— 2 —

Speaking of review books, there’s a great pile of books for the younger set that I am reviewing at CatholicMom.com this week, including one that I gave to my sister-in-law for her birthday.

Also, at CatholicMom.com this week, in my Tech Talk column this week, I review a great new app that might help you to pray the rosary by teaching you a whole new approach to it.

— 3 —

Exciting news about Catholic Family Fun:

I’m trying not to post three times a day about book-related stuff, but it’s hard.

There’s a weeeee bit of excitement.

Case in point: best friend got her copy the other day. She read it in all its early draft ugliness, so there was no surprises for her. And yet, she told me, she had forgotten how good it was.

Humbled, folks. Truly, honestly humbled.

Not that this project hasn’t humbled me all to pieces already. You only have to look at what other people are saying to know that I am put in my place and completely bewildered how this came from me.

— 4 —

I love-love-LOVE spring, don’t you? My latest Mary Moment on iPadre is all about loving spring and loving Mary.

I also love-love-LOVE Saint Joseph, and so does Jeff Young. The latest Catholic Foodie is all things Joseph, including great information about Saint Joseph altars. My Mary in the Kitchen is a tribute to Joseph, too, and a bit of reflecting on this new role of mine as boy-mom.

— 5 —

Thanks to Steven McEvoy for interviewing me over at Book Reviews and More. He sent me the most extensive interview I’ve done to date. He asked me what I’d do if I wasn’t a writer, how I knew I’d be a writer, and he even asked how my writing process goes. He pointed out that I’m in a lot of different places and I told him how I do that. And then he gave me a chance to explain my typical day.

If any of this interests you about me, stop over and give it a read!

— 6 —

I promised winners today, so here you go!

Since no one entered in the actual giveaway for a Snoring Scholar SurPrize Pack (we’ll chalk that up to a marketing FAIL), I pulled names from random comments I’ve received in the last week.

Colleen Spiro

(commented on The Beauty of Spiritual Direction)

Salome Ellen

(commented on The Mighty Macs Review & Giveaway)


(commented on Leading Me to Jesus)

Each of you will receive a Snoring Scholar SurPrize Pack, which will have a copy of my new book, Catholic Family Fun: A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or Clueless, as well as a book from my giveaway box (there are some good titles in there, I assure you).

The winner of the Table Grace Die is:

Jen Steed

Winners, send me your address (contact info is on the sidebar of my blog), and we’ll get everything mailed right away.

Thanks to the folks at Catholic Family Gifts for sponsoring the Table Grace Die giveaway.

— 7 —

There’s still time to enter my giveaway of THE MIGHTY MACS (which my girls will probably try to get us to watch again this weekend).

Have a great weekend!

More Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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