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Nothing has challenged me like motherhood. Nothing could have prepared me for it, even if I had wanted it all along.

And yet here I am, a mom.

It’s been a blessing to have the communion of saints to turn to in my journey through the phases of motherhood. I’ve made new friends, been inspired by seemingly unlikely patrons, and my faith life gained a new perspective.

Now I have an even bigger reason to appreciate the saints: Lisa Hendey’s new release, A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: 52 Companions for Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. (Read to the end to find out how you could win your own copy!)

It’s  just what I needed, when I needed it. Lisa shares her intimate view of the saints with every entry, as though she really knows them. She not only makes them accessible and relatable from a mom’s point of view, she brings us an opportunity to learn more about the saints in a way that’s uniquely suited for the nitty-gritty of everyday family life.

When you read  A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms, you’ll experience the saints as real people. They stubbed their toes and struggled to keep their voices down. They weren’t perfect…and that gives all of us hope!

You’ll meet saints who are new to you and revisit known-forever saints in a new light. Keeping this kind of company is sure to rub off on us at least a little, don’t you think?

Before you think this book doesn’t apply to you because you aren’t a mom…well, stop right there. This book was written by a mom for moms, but there are a lot of dads and sisters and brothers out there who could benefit from this devotional.

However you read this book–straight through or as a devotional–you’re sure to find yourself growing and stretching in your own faith journey.

I highly recommend this book for you (whether you’re a mom or not). Consider sharing it with others, especially as the gift-giving season rolls around.

 Click here to see embedded video.

Want to win a copy? Leave a comment on this post by Sunday, October 24, with the name of your favorite saint. I’d love to hear about how your saint helps you in the challenges of your life (whether you’re a mom or not).

Lisa’s making a tour of the blogosphere in the next few weeks, so be sure to join her on the whirlwind. The complete list of stops is over at CatholicMom.com.

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  • Michelle Reitemeyer

    One of my favorite saints is St. Therese, the Little Flower.  Having read The Story of a Soul, I was blown away by her describing washing clothes (I think) and having another nun not be careful and splash her constantly and how she just offered it up instead of asking the nun to be more careful.  It inspires me that, as a mother, I don’t always need to be correcting my children, but can focus on big issues and offer up the minor grievances.

  • try posting again- St. Sebastian is my go-to guy lately. 4 athletes in the house, 2 with chronic pain issues. I pray for his intercessions for them. And I called on him for me as I ran the last leg of a 5K fundraiser for the Little Sisters of the Poor.

  • Camille Ng

    My favorite saint if the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is also the one I am closest to as my mother. 🙂  I pray to her daily.

  • my favorite Saint is St. Theresa of Lisieux   ” I have long believed that the Lord is more tender than a mother. I know that a mother is always ready to forgive trivial, involuntary misbehaviour on the part of her child..Children are always giving trouble, falling down, getting themselves dirty, breaking things – but all this does not shake their parents love for them. ”   – helps me as a mom!

  • OH how I hope to win this for my birthday which is coming soon!!!
    This is a VERY tough question and I have TWO Saints which continually help me in my daily life journey as wife, mother, and servant of God…however, I fear that I might be “disqualified” for listing more than ONE as per the instructions (hee hee)…so….

    My favorite Saint is: Elizabeth Ann Bailey Seton

    I relate to her on so many levels and she, to me, I’m sure since she was also a wife, mother, and homeschooling instructor! I LOVE writing letters and it has been said that she wrote to her friends and family every day! She helps me to: embrace my state-in-life, trust in Divine Providence, persevere through times of trial and suffering and approach my days (no matter what the circumstance) with JOY and a desire to surrender to God’s will! She has also been a very powerful intercessor for a young friend of ours during his battle with Leukemia!

    Thanks to Lisa for writing yet another great book and thank you Sarah for allowing us a chance to WIN it!

  • This sounds like a great book!  The more books I can read to help me with motherhood, the better!  

  • Joyce

    My favorite saint is St. Juan Diego – his very human thinking that it was more important to look after his dying uncle instead of following his instructions to meet the Blessed Mother is so easy for me to relate to. And to know the loving response of Our Lady of Guadalupe to him –  she found him, and then cured the uncle, and gave him the graces to complete the mission. Entrustment to Mary is so much more simple than I make it! 

  • Vbraithwaite_us

     St. Rita is my favorite Saint.  As a mother and a wife, she is a perfect example of patience and love and complete trust in God.

  • Christine the Soccer Mom

    My favorite saint is St. Peter; he was constantly speaking before thinking and putting his foot in his mouth. Yet his love for Jesus was so strong and his faith so deep that he knew he could always go to Him.  I love his enthusiasm in the story when Jesus beckons them from the shore and, despite the fact that the other apostles were all rowing in, Peter girds up and jumps overboard to get to Jesus first!

    Yup, Saint Peter. Love knowing he’s waiting in Heaven, despite his flaws.

  • Tinafisher5

    Thus far my favorite saint is St Rita.  I did a novena to her shortly before I met my husband.  What seemed impossible, meeting my knight in shinning armor….happened! 

    Thank you St. Rita!

  • Lisa

    My favorite saint is St. Frances of Rome whom is quoted as saying,”A married woman must often leave God at the altar to find Him in her household care.”  I often think of that quote throughout my busy day while homeschooling my six angels sent from above!

    • Lisa, St Frances of Rome is my favorite, too, and is also the patron I chose at my confirmation.  I’ve never seen/heard this quote from her, but it is so striking (and true)!  Thank you for sharing!

  • Mark S.

    My favorite saint is Saint Augustine of Hippo. He clearly was a bright guy but kept going down the wrong paths and having to get redirected. When he reached the place where God needed him he opened his heart to his people, to the Church, and to me.

  • Sawymi02

    My favorite saint is Saint Anthony.   He has helped me in many, many situations!  

  • Laddtoni

    Please enter me to win a copy of this book. It sounds amazing! My favorite saint is St. Elizabeth Ann Seeton.

    Thank. You,

    Toni Ladd

  • Kmakathleen

    my favorite saint is Joan of Arc ~ sometimes we are called to a job that seems odd to most others, and is worth sacrificing everything if it is a true call from God and we have the Holy Spirit to help us every day ~ Joan’s call was unique, and she was even persecuted and executed but she did not give in to any deterrents, she was faithful to God all the way.

  • Sean

    Lisa spoke at the St. Paul Newman center last night on this topic and she was great. she is very knowledgable and an interesting speaker. I’m sure this book is great too.

  • St. Francis of Assisi is a favorite of mine.  He was a person of extremes–never did anything halfway or half-heartedly.  He knew how important it was to preach through presence and to take time for prayer.  His goal:  to follow Christ’s footsteps.

  • Lynn Altomari

    Lynn A – Marion
    Fav Saint would be Patrick

  • St. Josemaria Escriva – He helps me find God in my daily life through the challenges of my life and the good times as well.

  • Janell

    I would love this book!! My favorite saint is St. Patrick because he evangelized so many!!!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite saint is St. Monica.  I love how she prayed and prayed for her son St. Augustine!

  • Joy Bailey

    What a great idea!!
    Current favorite saints are Saint Elisabeth of Hungary, Blessed John Henry Newman and Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton

  • Angela F

    My favorite saints are St. Joseph, St. Josemaria and of course, the Blessed Mother! Thank you for offering this….

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