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Are you a fan of resolutions?

I usually am, and I’m talking resolutions in my latest column at CatholicMom.com: To Resolve or Not to Resolve.

Intercessory Prayer: A Must-Read

What Would You Like Me to Pray For? Pat Gohn inspires and challenges me yet again. Here’s an excerpt:

The interior logic of intercession leads to love. For some people, that might be an unintended consequence, but the law of love is always within the will of God.

So, this is only advice I can give: When you choose to actively pray for someone, prepare yourself to love him or her. If you already love someone, prepare to love them even more. And if you pray for someone that you do not love or like—be it a difficult boss, an annoying relative, or someone who has trespassed against you—prepare to see signs of love or peace breaking through, even when you’d rather resist. You might not see changes in that person or their circumstances, but you will soon find that you cannot pray for someone in a detached way. It will move your heart in ways that might be surprising and sympathetic, especially if it leads to forgiveness, or freedom, or healing.

Don’t miss the whole thing. I found myself touched and moved to tears. I’m also looking at my own pull (dare I call it a “call”?) to intercessory prayer in a new light.

A Take on Priests: Highly Enjoyable

I’ve worked with a priest for eight years now, and I have a dedicated soft spot for priests in general. Simcha Fisher’s piece this week, Here Comes Fr. Everyone, caught my eye and moved me. She nails it. They’re men. That’s what’s to love (and what’s to grit your teeth about, sometimes, too).

Made Me Think: A Different Way to Look at Weight Challenges

I came across a link to Tara Parker-Pope’s article, The Fat Trap, in the December 28 New York Times thanks to Bearing. I read it, over the course of an afternoon and evening, in snippets. Unfortunately for me, it was late when I really got my mind sunk into it, and my husband was unable to discuss it and my friends were all asleep or offline and it was just me and my brain.

I think I’ll be considering this for, oh, the rest of my life. Weight issues surround me in many ways, and I feel so unequipped to face them. This article really made me consider the challenges of weight loss in a new way, especially with the biological findings and other factors that are discussed. It’s a long piece, but well worth reading, especially if you have any interest in the topic.

I agree with Bearing that it seems a bit depressing and frightening–the conclusion is that you’re stuck, in some ways, if you ever lose your will to keep working on it. On the other hand, that could be a big motivator (if you knew you could fight off some deadly disease, would you keep fighting? or give up?).

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  • Pat Gohn

    Thanks, Sarah, for the link to this article. Let us pray for one another! 

    • Pat Gohn

      Weird that my normal discus id failed to post here…

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