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I took a week (sort of) off and staycationed last week. This week, as I battle a few personal challenges, I’m feeling particularly small in my successes.

2014-08-10 13.45.26

1. I’ve allowed myself some extra rest this week. And oh, it has helped tremendously.

2. We went to a playdate with some friends. It meant I didn’t stay plugged into a computer all day, that the kids got to play together, and that I talked books for a few minutes.

3. I’m reading a book just for fun. Because my 9yo asked me to.

Now: your turn!


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  • Sherry

    Sounds like an awesome week. Thanks for making me sound far more poetic and profound than I actually am by your editing.

  • Gina Felter

    Guilt free downtime = awesome time! And #3, Wow! I should be so willing.

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