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Christmas Grief and Remembering Those Who Mourn

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, the chaos and clutter, the preparations and perpetual carols, it’s easy to forget/ignore/overlook the many who grieve at this time of year. Those people are in my heart in a special way this year. A week ago,...
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Spending Lent with Mary

spending lent with mary
A few years ago, my Lent began in an unfamiliar house, face-to-face with a woman who was living my nightmare. On Epiphany that year, my sister-in-law faced a horror I still can’t imagine, one that topped her list of sorrows and that changed my prayer...
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Mary and the Passion

A Mary Moment Monday post Recently, one of my oldest friends asked me for some insight on the Virgin Mary and the Passion. She’s not Catholic, but she reads my blog anyway (like I said, one of my oldest friends). She had an “assignment” at...
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A Mother’s Tears

A Mary Moment Monday post I’ve been thinking about this post since Friday afternoon, when my mother-in-law got a call from my sister-in-law about what had happened in Connecticut. Then, a friend on Facebook started a prayer movement. But…what can I say? What can I...
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Dear Friend: A Letter about Miscarriage {Mom to Mom}

mom to mom series
By Maria Johnson Dear Sarah, You asked me to share my experience with miscarriage, and I have to admit that I balked for a moment. It’s because I feared revealing the raw honesty of my answer. Because I am a woman, I revisit the horror...
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Have a Laugh in Heaven for Me: A Memoriam of Walt Staples

Walt Staples
I don’t know, really, how I became friends with Walt Staples. We were both members of the Catholic Writers Guild, and I suppose that’s where it started. At one of the online conferences, we became crit partners. What that means, with someone like Walt, is...
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The January 3 Anniversary

Dear Allen, Today is your day. And we remember. As we look at the beauty of the day, as we struggle through commonplace challenges, as we get on with our lives forever changed, we remember. As we pray for your soul and those who grieve...
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