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It’s Lisa Hendey’s fault.

I was all set to just take the high road on resolutions (or not, as the case may be) or maybe just discern a word like I did a few years ago (I’m still on the same word, mind you…)

But then Lisa had to write a post that not only caught my eye but that resonated with me.


“Hey,” piped up that perky little cheerleader voice who resides down the neuron highway from the crusty old lady in my head, “we can do that. That’s not making resolutions, that’s making goals.”

So here I am, playing along with the cheerleader instead of the old lady. (And revealing more about myself in a few sentences that I probably should…)

I came up with 7 goals (as opposed to Lisa’s 14). But I think they’re do-able. And this is an assessment I’ve long needed. (I think that means I owe Hendey a word of thanks.)

  1. Begin a workout program. {January: research, make a plan. February: think about it. By March: get moving!}
  2. Have at least one family game night a month.
  3. Carve out margin within each day and each week for personal renewal. {This will require saying No. And praying about said two-letter word.}
  4. Plan at least one date night a month.
  5. Make at least one phone call a day to a person I will chat with (not business). Talk and listen and don’t have a screen in front of me while I do it. {Small children are likely to interrupt and participate.}
  6. Try out that Bullet Journal thing. {January: try it out. February: get it working.}
  7. Spend face-time with my prayer group at least twice a month. {I’m likely to feel too busy when I go. And I’m likely to thank God for them after we’re done.}

Maybe I’ll even get back to my monthly resolution routine (that’s dusting off an old habit, lemme tell ya!) and keep myself accountable here.

And then again…maybe not. 🙂

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  • roughplacesplain

    This post is great, Sarah. Your goals have inspired me to make some of my own! And, btw, I had Titus Brandsma as my Saint two years ago and it was a spiritually powerful year. He’s amazing! – nancyo

    • Well I’m ever so glad to help… 🙂

      A “spiritually rewarding year”? That smacks of “praying for patience” to me… #groan #inGodshands #IcanwhineaboutANYTHING

      • roughplacesplain

        You are too funny! What happened is that Titus Brandsma cropped up during the year, in ways which seemed pretty dramatic. Also I felt led to explore other Carmelite saints and spirituality though I stopped short of actually pursuing 3rd order Carmelite formation. One of this year’s goals is spiritual direction, so maybe I’ll sort it out. I should have kept a spiritual journal to remember all the details.

        • Ahhhh. You know, in terms of spirituality, I’ve felt pulled to the Dominicans (I’m a geeky reader type, and they seem to be that way), but hmmm. I never cease to be amused and amazed by how the communion of saints gets right to work in my life, when I let em. So though I’m all whine and moan, I’ll probably come away from this better and different (with God’s grace, that is).

          • roughplacesplain

            Yes, me too, on the Dominican pull, but during my Titus Brandsma year I sensed that maybe I was being called to stretch myself and grow in a different spiritual direction. Carmel seemed to be behind every tree!

  • lisahendey

    Can I borrow number 3? Because it rocks! Seriously though, I think the idea of writing these things down, sharing them amongst ourselves, and praying for one another will help us to stay accountable. Just imagine all that we will accomplish Through Him and For Him in 2014!

    • You can ABSOLUTELY borrow–take!–#3! It’s something that’s been on my heart a lot in the last 2 months and this was my motivation to actually put words (and action) to it. 🙂

      And yes, as an inveterate extrovert, I need this being accountable thing. I used to do that more on my blog…so thanks for bringing me back to what I love about blogging. 🙂

  • Some great stuff there Sarah. Thanks.

  • Love the bUllet Journal concept but using Evernote easier to migrate and consolidate. This book really helped me maximize evernote and went from a personal physical journal, work project, task and daily log book to just Evernote. http://bit.ly/EvernoteE2

    • Ooooo, Steven…PRICELESS. I am integrating my bullet journal attempts with evernote. I’m finding it helpful to have something hand-written. But I’m going to check out that book!!! (Especially now that I have a device again…) Thanks for that!

      • You helped inspire me to set goals for 2014 http://bit.ly/My2014Goals and I have built it all out in Evernote in nested notebooks and using Note Links.

        • Yeah, Steven, you rock.

          • Last year I dropped 65lbs from July 1st to December 31st. Eliminated Gluten, Ate whole foods and did DDP Yoga Every Day. http://bit.ly/DDPYoga2 but that is only 1 area this year will be about balancing Mind, Body and Spiritual development. Thanks Sarah

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