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Let’s continue our discussion of what you want from your parish with sacramental preparation.


How can your parish best aid you in your mission within your Domestic Church in the arena of preparing your family to receive the sacraments? What great experiences can you share from your own parish, or other good ones you’ve heard of? If you were able to make a request of your pastor in this area, what would you ask for?

Please include your comments here or feel free to email me at blog@snoringscholar.com. And if you’d really like our unending gratitude, record a one-minute video answering this question and email it to me. In order for our talk to be a good resource for those attending, your feedback is essential and greatly appreciated!

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  • CatholicKath

    I hate to say this out loud, but where I am there seems to be a lot of saying x person should be doing y thing…….why don’t we all embrace passing the faith on?? so that no one is missed….and I think it needs to be firmly rooted with the church with a palpable presence of the priest so that the value of faith is more fully seen, expressed and modeled

    • Kath, thank you so much for that comment! And you make such a great point: we are ALL responsible for sharing the faith!!!

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