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2020 Books Read

Here's what I read in 2020 (regularly updated throughout the year).

Catechist Resources

This is a listing of catechist resources I've found helpful over the years. Hope it helps you!

    Marian Resources

    My devotion to Mary has grown over the years, and since I've been getting an increasing number of requests for my favorite Marian recommendations, here you go. 

      My Books

      I can’t remember if I picked this up because @erinmccolecupp or @shannonkevans referenced in in their books, but boy, it’s gooooood. I feel like anything I say about it will fall short of giving you the full range and depth it offers. This takes “be nice to yourself” to a measurable and realistic application, with a great side of scripture and a dose of grace. Highly recommended.
      #trysofter #readitslowlyandbelieveit

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      Huh. This was some pretty targeted spam texting.

      17 4

      What. A. Book. Powerful, beautiful, insightful writing. Amazing storytelling. The kind of book that stays with you for a few days, weeks, months, maybe even the rest of your life. Wow.
      Thanks to @awordinprogress for recommending it.

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      First of the books I finished this weekend, and just as delightful as I expected. #janeaustenmysteries #whywouldifoldwhenihavethistoread ...

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      Sometimes, you have to let the space you have be enough. I used to think I had a lot to say and share. In the last few years, I’m not sure if *I* decided I don’t or if I’ve been spiritually nudged. And this is what I have: Sometimes, the space you have is enough. Also, what are you reading? #becauseIalwayswanttoknow ...

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      Wow. @erinmccolecupp and @osvcatholicbooks my 👒is off. Excellent book: great writing, wonderful insight, piercing truth. I’m only 10% sure I’m the audience, but I’m 100% sure that there’s needed wisdom here. If you come from a family of dysfunction or love someone who does, check this out. I was especially touched by how much more tenderly I feel like God and Jesus look at me. I experienced a lot of grace in reading this, and I’m so, so grateful that I had the blessing of it on my bookshelf. #highlyrecommended #catholicbookstagram #allthingsnew ...

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      🎊💙📣Preorder now available. Go to @avemariapress and use code REINHARD and you’ll get it for $18 + free shipping. There is no reason NOT to get this book. It features classic prayers and insights from superstar Catholic moms. It’s a best of book that is going to bless so many people…and I can’t wait to hold it myself! #dontforgetthecode #avemomspray ...

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      PSA, y’all. Great read for sooooo many reasons. More at post at @booksandsarah. ...

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      Stop what you’re doing. Go, reserve this book or buy it or however you consume. It. Is. Amazing. Not because it told me what I didn’t know or hadn’t thought of (it did, 1000%), not because it’s written with honesty and authenticity and insight (of course, would you think otherwise?), not because it’s a topic you may have only considered in passing or that you live with brutal invisibility. No. Read this book, listen to this book, consume this text because you are human. This book gets to the heart of so many things that inspire passion and should get us all activated, and the heart of it is dignity, humanity. Not only is this a book I’m so very glad I read, it’s one I’m going to reread with those I love. It should be required reading and also, it should be not needed. That’s what makes me cry as I think and contemplate. That’s what breaks my heart but also injects me with motivation and purpose. Thank you, @sitting_pretty, for this treatise and epistle and glance into what we should all see. #highlyrecommended #favoritereads #sittingpretty #badasswriting ...

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      There is so much to say about this book, more than what an Instagram caption can allow. I’m torn and I appreciate craft but bristle at moral relativism packaged as wholesale truth. But tell me what’s got your reading attention. Give me a reading rec… ...

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