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2020 Books Read

Here's what I read in 2020 (regularly updated throughout the year).

Catechist Resources

This is a listing of catechist resources I've found helpful over the years. Hope it helps you!

    Marian Resources

    My devotion to Mary has grown over the years, and since I've been getting an increasing number of requests for my favorite Marian recommendations, here you go. 

      My Books

      Yet another fun installment of the Jane Austen-esque Raje family series by @sonali.dev. Inspired by Sense & Sensibility, it’s a romance, yes, but also an examination of personhood and truth (which I think is a larger theme of this whole series). Can’t wait for the next one! ...

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      Go ahead and tell me about the biggest juxtaposition in your life today. #spooninpool #randomthingsinrandomplaces ...

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      I might have reserved this for a daughter, but I’m the one who read it first. And boy, what. A. Story. This book is not only beautifully written but also deeply invigorating. Two days later, I’m still thinking about it. So many questions to puzzle over, so many considerations… and isn’t that the lovely journey that a good book takes you on? ♥️ so tell me, what have you been reading? ...

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      Oh! Oh! Oh! What a fun read in my current Austen-inspired reading kick. Wish I could remember which bookstagram account recommended it…it was in at the library, too, with no wait. 🙌 There we’re some liberties taken, tis true, but it was SO FUN to read this take on Pride and Prejudice. Loved it. #summerreadingWIN ...

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      Highly, highly recommend this book by the #medianuns and about the #millennialnuns. The @paulinebooksandmedia Daughters of St Paul have been dear to me for many years, and they were my first publisher. This book highlights 8 of the sisters who are close to my age, outlining their experience and journey to being a religious sister. I laughed, I geared up, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Also pairs nicely with the porch swing and an IPA. #booksandbeer ...

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      Danielle Bean discusses her book Whisper. @daniellebean joins me to discuss her new book Whisper, available now where books are sold. ...

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      One of my favorite reads of this year is just what I needed, just when I needed it. And tomorrow at 10 a.m. eastern, I’ll be live on my @sarahareinhard account interviewing author @daniellebean #joinme? ...

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      Tonight, preparing for my LIVE interview RIGHT HERE 10 a.m. eastern, I’m savoring some wisdom and some chocolate ganache ice cream. How about you? ...

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      My reading life has been very quiet, which is to say…a bit nonexistent. And yet here, the third #JaneAustenmystery and quite a book it was. The tbr pile is just going to have to wait while I work my way through these #nonotreally #butiAMlovingthem ...

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