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2020 Books Read

Here's what I read in 2020 (regularly updated throughout the year).

Catechist Resources

This is a listing of catechist resources I've found helpful over the years. Hope it helps you!

    Marian Resources

    My devotion to Mary has grown over the years, and since I've been getting an increasing number of requests for my favorite Marian recommendations, here you go. 

      My Books

      Fairy garden and the little girl who reminds me of gran. #juniebjacobandmerbearcreations #missyougran ...

      16 2

      If you must mood and allergy, then let it be with flowers and coffee and sunshine…

      27 3

      No, that’s not dirt.
      It’s HAY.

      16 3

      #andmowing #andcrazy #anddandelionsunshine

      17 1

      So, as it turns out, it WASN’T in the couch.

      32 7

      You say clutter, he says best! Decor! Ever!

      27 6

      Let bouquet picking season begin. ...

      40 2

      Just as good as I was hoping. Except I hope it’s not the last one. But I think maybe it almost has to be. #guessilljusthavetoreread #beingajaneaustenmystery ...

      8 2

      Whipped through this delightful #beingajaneaustenmystery a while back. Remembered to post it this morning when I got my copy of the brand new one… #rubbinghandstogether #nosorrynotavailableimreading ...

      8 0

      One of these books is not like the others… 📚
      Much of what I’m planning to@read this year won’t show up in the form of finished books. Oh, I’m still reading books. Just…differently. Sometimes I get lost in the goals, so I’m leaning in a bit to what reading was like before challenges and focuses and other people’s recs. 📚 I’d call these all valuable, though none a favorite. 📚 What have you been reading?

      11 10

      I could’ve read this in one sitting, but instead, I savored it chunk by chunk. That’s the beauty of the #handylittleguide series from @osvcatholicbooks and this particular gem on prayer by @franciscanmom. Take it all at once or in bite-sized bits between loads of laundry. The wisdom that it embodies will do you good regardless. Highly recommended. ...

      12 0

      Glad I read this not long after the precious (Meg & Jo)…they are almost one book (probably a publication decision there). Enjoyed this, and that’s IT: I’m reading Little Women next. How about you? What have you been reading?
      #bethandamy #littlewomenfandom

      9 4