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2020 Books Read

Here's what I read in 2020 (regularly updated throughout the year).

Catechist Resources

This is a listing of catechist resources I've found helpful over the years. Hope it helps you!

    Marian Resources

    My devotion to Mary has grown over the years, and since I've been getting an increasing number of requests for my favorite Marian recommendations, here you go. 

      My Books

      The love notes I find on my desk delight me. ...

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      Not a bad way to start my day. ...

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      He says he’s going to pick me ALL the flowers. 💐 Turns out, he’s been paying attention to where vases are kept. 🌸 As a special no-extra-kisses-required feature, he also pees on the unbloomed greenery. You know, because they need watered. 👀 #yourewelcome #juniebjacob ...

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      File this under “books I read because someone I know asked me to and wow, it’s so good that I’m glad I read it.” 🙌 What Mark & Melanie Hart have done his create a gem that is NOT
      - a book to shame you for what you are or are not doing
      - an exhausting how-to
      - filled with holier-than-you-can-imagine examples of their perfect life
      Instead, you’ll spend the introduction laughing out loud, rereading sections out loud to whoever happens to be in earshot (including pets), and maybe feeling the first surge of hope you’ve felt in a while. 🤣 Mark and Melanie are my people...and I’ve never even met her. (I do know Mark. Sorta. Kinda. #fangirlfriend) Even so, as I traveled through the 7 chapters and 2 appendices (one of which has a collection of other real-life parents sharing stories and encouragement, I just knew. Melanie Hart is the kind of friend we all need. The one who speaks the hard truth, but with a smile and in a way that motivates you and gives you hope that you can attain the goal. And Mark is the husband of that friend, the one who makes you pretty sure that yeah, they can come into my messy house and they won’t see anything that’s new or strange. 🤓 Mark and Melanie have years of wisdom and experience, but even more powerfully, they have a love of God and respect for the Church that shines through and puts perspective into everything they offer. 🔥 Highly, highly recommended.

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      Read in record time, maybe because I had a relief in a certain kind of stress, but more likely because it was just a good story. Captured my imagination. Made me realy consider the difference between “the big regrets” and “the things that made a big difference.” This was the kind of book that will have me delving into thoughts about living in the moment and forgiveness too. Highly recommended. ...

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      I finished this the other day, and I’m so torn. The story is great. The theme is fabulous. The execution is nearly flawless. But I felt, as I got deeper into it, that there may be a bit of an agenda. I want a story, not an agenda. That said...I wish I had someone to discuss it with, to see if I’m being weird or if I can trust my spider sense. But, realy, does it even matter? It’s a solid four-star book, and it’s highly acclaimed for a reason. I was thrown by it being categorized as sci-fi; I’d call it slightly fantasy but more YA with some elements of surrealism. When you read it, let me know. I’m dying to discuss it. ...

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      Not a bad way to spend the waiting time I’ve had thanks to basketball lately. @jeanniegaffigan shares her story, some laugh out loud stories sprinkled with tears rolling down your face. She turns what could have been a nightmare into a tale that all too many of us can probably relate to (aside from the pear-sized tumor, that is). There’s plenty of wisdom, and quite a bit to share with the person sitting next to you (even if it’s a stranger who’s a bit surprised by the laugh that’s so loud and fill of air that your mask goes askew). ...

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      How could I have forgotten the positive power of a meijer slushee? ...

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      But do you know WHY this is on my phone?
      Me neither. But it is remarkable that the table is clear. I’ll take it.
      #embracethechaos #cantliveinavacuum #thuswhysweep

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      I’ve been wanting to read Peter Pan for quite a while. This version had some footnotes and an interesting introduction (I don’t always read them, because they aren’t always helpful and can often destroy the book before it’s read). I like it better as a movie, which makes sense, given that Barrie’s stage version came first. How have I never disliked Peter before now? When did I become sympathetic to the grown ups and cold to the perils of the Neverland (and look, there is a “the” in every instance of the Neverland in the text). Not my favorite of the classics I’ve tackled. ...

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