In case you didn’t hear, I have another nephew on the way. Any minute now. So I won’t call this a Wordless Wednesday post…there will be words, plenty of them. (And tears. I’m sure there will be tears.) But Wednesday mornings mean pictures for certain grandparents and, if I’m honest, for me too.

I love capturing these moments in time, whether it’s the “HELLO!” of the dianthus blooming in my garden or the burst of sunshine in those yellow day lilies my brother-in-law planted for me last year. They’re among my favorites, those day lilies. I think of him every time I see them, and then the fancy ones bloom, and I think of my friend from college’s mom, and then the red ones bloom, and I think of my brother-in-law again, and…well, you see how it is. My garden is really a scrapbook, reminding me of the people I love, taking me back in time to that garden of Grandma’s and then rabbit trailing me a thousand different ways.

Then there are the moments with my children, those fleeting spots of time when I see that I’ve caught that Pebbles ponytail Ree, one of the visiting nieces, insists my youngest must have. I’ll look back and see my four-year-old’s head tossed back like that, and I’ll hear the song she and her eight-year-old cousin Junie were singing for us. It was a backyard concert, and I’m sorry we couldn’t invite you (you might say it was just thrown together after dinner), because it was grand.

And then…then there are the pictures with smiles and streams and cameras held while the other-one-who’s-always-behind-the-camera pauses to be a part of the memory captured.

And when did Ree and Mabel and June and Rebecca get so big? When? Ah, well, they’re captured now, in a picture that will speak 1000 words to me every time I see it.

Soon enough, there will be a new baby. And another, probably. And another. But I’m glad to have this little corner to remember the first babies. I’m grateful for the technology to allow me to combine my blooms with my blooms. 🙂