Month: August 2008

Having Moms

I’ve always had multiple moms. Even here, in the blogging world, I have Mom Donna. In college, it was Debbie who took me for her own while I was far from home. There have been four women who have defined the word “mother” for me. One of them is the Blessed Mother. Two of them raised me. One of them raised my husband. It’s not Mother’s Day, and there’s no special reason for it, except that I have been burning to share it and the time has come. Go over to Behold Your Mother and read “The Receiving End of...

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A Little Time for Myself

For one hour every week, I pause in my life of chaos-rush-juggle. I drop the kids off with my mother-in-law and I go to sit at my Father’s feet. I think of it as guaranteed Mom Time. You can read all about it in my article in this week’s Catholic Times (scroll down on the...

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Well, it has happened. We knew it would. One day, she’s admiring herself in the mirror,happy and content with the cute face looking back at her, and the next…she’s looking up at me with a winning smile and figuring out just where to put the extra knee…One minute, she’s happily playing in the grass, posing for pictures, ignoring the shadow of the large barn dog who can’t resist her smiles either…and the next moment, she’s kicking those knees underneath her…and heading for the hills (never mind that we have no hills near us. She’s bound and determined to find them!).Nothing I can say, nothing I can threaten, nothing I can promise is stopping her. Big Sister says shrinking pills don’t work. (Yeah, I know. I’ve been trying them for years now, and the kids just keep growing up!) She’ll look at me, even waiting while I grab my camera (daring me to take too long lest I miss the moment)……and then she’s off to wherever Big Sister, the dog, anything and anyone else is.She’s not fast yet. And that’s good, because it didn’t take long for my formerly baby-safe house to disintegrate into small objects and exposed outlets and strange “don’t put that in your MOUTH!” experiences.But, when it’s all said and done……I wouldn’t trade it for the...

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