This part of my adventure in giving my monthly resolutions focus through a yearly focus. You can read my initial post here.

This year, I’m focusing on three areas: mental, physical, and spiritual. Each month, I’ll share my specific focus within the broader resolution in each of these areas. Sharing these here will help me stay accountable, and it will also force me to articulate what I am aiming to do each month within the larger context of the year.

Mental Focus: Clearing the clutter clears the mind, so this year I’m focusing on home organization, especially as it relates to clutter and cleanliness.

The coldest room in our house, this time of year, is the kitchen and laundry room. It’s no accident that I’ll be working in the kitchen (and, by extension, the laundry room) this month. I’ll have to stay moving anyway 🙂 and I have noticed the truth in what Marla Cilley (aka FlyLady) said in her book Sink Reflections, as the kitchen goes, so goes the rest of the house.

I’m going to fill trash bags if I have to, boxes if bags won’t work, and find out just what’s in the far corners of that dark under-the-stairs cupboard. (I think there may be grape jelly, but there’s no telling for sure.) I also plan to organize my cleaning supplies so they’re handy (though not too accessible for little folks).

Physical Focus: My body is not just a convenient dumping ground, but a tool that can help me accomplish my goals. Like any tool, it needs to be tended, so this year I’m focusing on getting myself moving, little by little.

In January, my goal is small – just ten minutes a day. It’s going to take me all year to make this a habit, because I’m working against years and years of aversion to sweat. But it’s COLD in January – outside and in my house. For ten minutes every day, then (and maybe while I’m working in the kitchen!), I’ll get outside or workout on my NordicTrak or something. The point is to get the habit started and get myself thinking of this reflexively.

Spiritual Focus: Spending silent and screenless time is essential for my spiritual well-being. This year, I am focusing on making time, especially at the beginning of my days, for prayer and silence.

Before I do anything else each day, I will pray the rosary, even if I’m running late or having a rough start. It’s that important, and having this as the priority of the start of my day will impact the rest of the day for my whole family. In January, I’ll be continuing the Online Retreat in Everyday Life and also tapping into the wisdom of Rosary Meditations for Real Life, by James Hahn, as I pray my morning rosary.

In the evenings, from after dinner on, I’ll observe offline evenings. This will give me time for reading and my family.

My iPod, which has been an incredible source of catechesis in the last year, will be in my ears, but must never invade on the necessary silence (i.e. of early mornings) that helps me keep my focus heavenward.