Do you pray with your spouse?

Sure you do. You go to church together, right? And there’s no higher form of prayer than what you do as you worship God.

And you probably bow your heads before meals, thanking God for the gift of food.

That’s not quite what I’m talking about, though I agree they’re both prayer and they’re important forms of prayer.

Have you struggled with easy ways to pray with your spouse? Here are 3 ideas I had...

I’ve been mulling this over for a while. In fact, I even thought of some easy ways you can pray with your spouse.

Confession: this isn’t something I’m good at. I don’t get an “A” in this. Not even close.

As wife and mom, I have a lot of responsibilities. In fact, I’m nearly a professional juggler.

But you know what they say about juggling, right? You have to let go of something to keep everything moving.

Here are three easy ways to pray with your spouse. Use them as your starting point, as a refresher, or roll your eyes because you are in the advanced class and way past where I will ever be… 🙂 (In that case, by the way, you should leave some of that wisdom in the comments…)

Praying together can be as easy as an Our Father in the morning.

1. An Our Father in the morning.

It’s as easy as taking his (or her) hands and clocking a quick 12 seconds together. This is, after all, the prayer Jesus himself taught us. Nothing new to learn, no nerves to worry about, and even the chance to feel his (or her) hands in yours before you dive into your day.

Who says your shower has to be limited to just hot water? Insert 42 words and BAM! You've prayed!

2. A Hail Mary while you shower.

I’m betting your shower lasts longer than the 42 words of the Hail Mary require. In this instance, you would not be praying in the same space (unless you and your spouse shower together), but who’s to say you can’t be praying at the same time? You can bat your eyes, and bless that time with the hot water pouring over your back, knowing he (or she) is doing the same from the comfort of wherever he (or she) is.

This may be the shortest bedtime prayer in the history of ever...

3. A Glory Be before bed.

Right before the “Good night, I love you,” why not just smile at your beloved and offer a Glory Be? I’ll give you a pass and say you don’t even have to pray it out loud (though if the kids heard you, it surely wouldn’t hurt anything).

Your turn: what are easy ways you pray with your spouse?

Have you struggled with easy ways to pray with your spouse? Here are 3 ideas I had...