I have a soft spot for a good story.

And when I’ve read previous work by the author and know them to be clever, witty, and humorous? Consider me smitten.

In fact, smitten is a pretty good way to describe how I feel about this book:

It’s the debut release by author Katharine Grubb: Falling for Your Madness.

You may recognize Katharine as @10MinuteWriter on Twitter or from 10 Minute Writer, her blog of writing in the ten minute chunks of time she can find–and make–throughout her days as a homeschooling mom of five.

I’ve gotten to know Katharine over the years, and my expectations for her writing weren’t softened for that. If anything, they were raised. I expected a LOT from this novel. I’ve read some of her other (unpublished) work, and it was good, yes. Her blog and other pieces I’ve read are good.

So I expected to be wowed and to enjoy myself in this novel. I wanted to go on a journey.

And I was. The book delivered.

From the beginning, I was curious about just what in the WORLD she was thinking. “Is this for REAL?” I wondered, and I kept reading.

Then…well, YES, it WAS for real (I’m trying not to give you any spoilers and, ahem, it’s a bit hard). Or was it?

As I’ve thought about what I would write for this review, I came back to three major things I loved about this book, and why I will probably gift it to friends with e-readers, share it with everyone I can, and pray for the day it’s a paper book:

It’s hooks you in.

You wonder if it’s for real, if these characters can be this wacky and weird and, well, why it is you RELATE with them. You turn the page, and before you know it, an hour has passed and your bedtime is long gone and you might as well keep reading.

It has a message.

But, and this is the real sell for me, THE MESSAGE IS NOT SHOVED DOWN YOUR THROAT. This is what makes this book rather perfect for certain young ladies in my life. It’s good clean romance, with some mystery and thrill thrown in. And the message? Well, maybe you have to figure that out for yourself.

It’s well-written and well-edited.

This is a deal-breaker for me. I have read a number of self-published novels that do not take the care to focus on writing and, so importantly, editing. Having a good story isn’t everything if your reader can’t get what you’re trying to say and enjoy it for the mistakes sprinkled like prickers throughout the book. Grubb took care to go through a few revisions and what’s left is one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Don’t miss it. Not only is it affordably priced for the e-reader in your life (at $3.99, how can you argue?), but it’s a great story. Seriously.

Two thumbs up, highly recommended with a latte on top.