Outside my window: Bright sun, cold air. High today in the 20s. Wind chill, quite possibly, in the single digits. But the sun reflecting on the snow and the sky with its blueness are so beautiful that I can’t begrudge winter too much.

Rambling thoughts: A close family member emailed me in response to my “Stuff and Saints” post yesterday and made such a good point, I thought I’d share it:

But you might be mistaken on one thing….you ARE a domestic servant. Are you not aware that your emphasis on Him and serving Him and your husband and your children makes you the best servant of Him of all? The actual chores can be done at any time, and will be there long after everyone is grown, gone or passed away. Not having an immaculate house is not a sin by any means…but can be a way of expressing the importance of determining priorities.

I think I have some food for thought with that, and I so appreciated receiving it.

In thanksgiving: For feeling loved and wanted. For people who like babies and will hold my fussy, gassy baby, allowing me to walk away. For older sisters who kiss their baby brothers and thank me for having him.

Folded hands, bowed head: For a friend who’s grieving. For a family member who’s struggling. For a project that won’t kill me (though it’s trying).

Kitchen meanderings: My kitchen is the one room in my house that I feel like I have under control in some sense. Consequently, I spend most of my time here. I bring my laptop in and write at the table. It’s inspiring me to tackle the rest of my house and declutter, clean, organize, reclaim.

Nose inserted: I just started two books in earnest: Neeta Lyffe: Zombie Exterminator, by Karina Fabian (which I’m reading electronically) and Walking Together: Discovering the Catholic Tradition of Spiritual Friendship, by Mary DeTurris Poust. Now that I have an iPad and a way to read electronically (which I LOVE), I am exploring how exactly that will work. It made it possible for me to crank through a couple of manuscripts since Christmas, which was awesome. I’ll be starting some Chesterton soon too, and I’m still working my way through the Catechism and the great reference/companion from the USCCB.

A favorite thing: The warmth emanating from the baby on my lap. I call him my lap heater, and I don’t mind that I could well be “spoiling” him by letting him sleep with me and on me in the middle of the night after nursing. It’s bitterly cold and we snuggle together, and when he isn’t gassy and fussy, it’s quite nice. And warm. Warm is good.

Plans made, possibly kept: Oh, the things I have to do this week! Last week was my first “back in the saddle” (in quotes because I don’t feel like I rode that hoss well, but we’ll get back to doing things well…in time, in time). This week, I’m

Food for thought: “Mary has much to teach us about humility. She was full of grace, yet she was only the handmaid of the Lord. She was the Mother of God yet served as a handmaid in the house of Elizabeth. She was immaculately conceived yet she humbly met Jesus, himself humiliated, carrying his cross.” – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, via Karen Edmisten’s wonderful Through the Year with Mary (which I reviewed here)