Ever get out of bed – the wrong bed – on the wrong foot, and just chalk the day up as terrible before it even begins? Ever find yourself wondering just what God’s thinking? And then asking yourself if you really want to know?

At the beginning, the day was before me like a tunnel – one without a light at the end. I started off having to trust God about the light – it was just theoretical to me.

I jumped in the day without my life vest – rosary, morning prayer, quiet reflection with my puttering – and the water was COLD, the waves were high, and there was a strong undertow.

“OK God, I get it. UNCLE. Now will you please pull me up into the boat?”

Whiny. Demanding. Spoiled.

Into the boat with me – the strong arms of his grace not restricted to plopping me down on the hard wooden planks. No, I was cushioned with soft pillows, catered to by angels, fed like a queen.

A reward for my bad behavior?

No, a father’s love, a daddy’s compassion, a grandpa’s treat.

Despite my attempts to mess things up, it wasn’t a bad day at all.