…first place in quite a few classes, including quite a few my brother-in-Law didn’t think he would win (humble guy, that one)

…first time earning “Championship Hampshire Ewe” (one of those nifty purple banners on the right)

…first time earning both “Championship Hampshire Ram” (the other of those nifty purple banners on the right) and “Championship Hampshire Ewe”

…first place flock (that’s the group of animals pictured here – it has to include a ram, a yearling ewe, and ewe lambs…and there have to be five animals total, so I think I’m not quite explaining it right, but that gets you close)

…first time being “Premier Ohio Exhibitor” (that neat banner on the left)

…first time to have both Oldest Niece and Nephew Farm Boy out in the ring and back in the pens helping seriously (“Hey, Farm Boy, go get the January ewe lamb ready as soon as the judge starts talking”)

…first time in quite a few years that Prince Charming has shown enough to soak through a shirt (and consequently the first time he has had to go buy a new one after the show)

…first rate smiles all around!