It won’t be silent today in my real life.  But here and in the other online places I’m usually found, I will be silent.

Today’s a day for family and mourning and all the things associated with that.

By the grave, I will ponder and hold Mary’s hand.

Through the day, this thought will be floating around, sinking deeper into my head.  It was in my inbox the other day, courtesy of the Women of Grace Daily Grace Lines, and it made me pause.

“What we mean, in the last resort, by ‘an answer to prayer,’ is that from the beginning of time, before He set about the building of the worlds, God foreknew every prayer that human lips would breathe, and took it into account. That, and nothing less, is the staggering claim which we make every time we say the “Our Father.”

–Monsignor Ronald Knox

We’ve been praying a lot, both for the recent death in our family and for our daughter’s health.  But the answer?  We don’t know or we can’t see it.

And that’s OK.  I’m just going to hold Mary’s hand and work on trusting.