Outside my window:
Sunshine and the promise of a long summer day

Kitchen meanderings:
We had some pork chops yesterday that we wanted to grill. And what to my wandering Google should appear but…a website called Cooking for Engineers? Ah. I am no engineer, but my husband is and the pork chop rub was yummy.

Nose inserted:
The first of the two books of the Chronicles of Xan, which arrived and interrupted my reading of Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady, by Joseph Langford, and The Lightening Thief, by Rick Riordan.

In my ears:
Finishing the latest episode of Forgotten Classics (where Uncle Tom’s Cabin is the order of the day) and then I’m on to continue the rest of the podcast playlist.

Around the house:
We were up at 5 (do we get the worm?). The almost-two-year-old is back in bed (though not asleep, judging from the thunk-fest) and the four-year-old is vegging in front of TV (though not asleep I’m sure). I remembered, just this morning, that though I took the day off to meet up with a deacon friend, I need to go in and open the place up for the volunteers. Oops. So here I am, daybooking instead of writing.

Food for thought:
“I am a mother of eight, but it’s not because I am Super Mom. It’s not because I was born with some rare gift that makes me capable of mothering a large family. It’s because this family God has seen fit to give me has shaped and changed me into the person I am today. It’s because God sends challenges and then follows up those challenges with the graces you need to get through them. Always.”

Danielle Bean in another excellent column, “I’m No Super Mom

Worth a thousand words: