Outside my window: It is black. Soon, though, it will lighten, and in the lightening, it will probably turn slightly pink in the pale way of winter, and then the sun will blaze through and add orange and then–snap your fingers–it will be daylight.

Around the house: It’s just me and the boy this morning. He’s fussing at me from his chair. I’m glad to share my early morning with him. Soon enough, he’ll be bigger and it will just be me again. Soon enough. (Some days, it can’t be soon enough. Today, by the grace of God, isn’t one of those days.)

In my thoughts: The day ahead is going to be lots of fun: I’m heading to a nearby town with a few friends, baby in tow, to see Fr. Leo Patalinghug of Grace Before Meals fame. I have seen him before, at the very first Catholic New Media Celebration in Atlanta a few years ago, and that only makes me more excited about today’s Mass and talk. I’m also really appreciating this for time with a few of my very special friends.

In my plans: This week, I’m  going to start a proposal for an exciting new project which, hopefully, I’ll be telling you about in the next few months. My fingers are crossed that we’ll have a week of being healthy so that I can get ahead in a few areas, but…well, I’m not holding my breath. I’m starting to feel like I have my feet under me, like I can move forward with the rhythm of our days.

In thanksgiving: For sleep. For coffee. For friends who join me in prayer and let me know it by texting me. For a Saturday of resting–sans big kids–and organizing toys (and hiding/stashing/pre-pitching quite a few). For the Sunday fun ahead.

In my prayers: Today begins the Seven Sundays of St. Joseph (thanks to Leila for the reminder) and I’m going to be praying it for a few special friends who, while facing different struggles in different places, find themselves very discouraged. I’ll also be praying for my husband. No special reason, except that he’s my husband and has been really spoiling me lately and I “owe” him, in a good way. What better way to “repay” him than with prayers? (Though a steak dinner and some football, with John Wayne on the side, might run a close second…)

Nose inserted: Neeta Lyffe: Zombie Exterminator, by Karina Fabian (which I’m reading electronically) and Orthodoxy, by G.K. Chesterton

Recent reads: Walking Together: Discovering the Catholic Tradition of Spiritual Friendship, by Mary DeTurris Poust, which I’ll be reviewing here on Thursday. 🙂

A favorite thing: Baby smiles and the effect they have on the older sisters, especially when they’re accompanied by coos.

Food for thought: “Our relationships with those on earth are not severed once we reach heaven. On earth, we benefit from the holiness and love of the saints in heaven. They look out for us, listen to our prayers, intercede for us. In heaven we too will assume responsibility for caring and praying for the ones we leave behind . . . . From heaven we will watch over our brothers and sisters on earth, especially our loved ones. We will experience their joys and their sorrows, with ears open always to their pleas and petitions.” – David Scott in The Catholic Passion: Rediscovering the Power and Beauty of the Faith (quoted in Walking Together: Discovering the Catholic Tradition of Spiritual Friendship, by Mary DeTurris Poust)

Worth a thousand words: