Eight years ago, we planned a big party.

Eight years ago, he waited for me at the end of an aisle.

Eight years ago, we knelt beneath the Cross and sealed our happiness with a Sacrament.

Eight years ago, we exchanged rings.

Eight years ago, we sealed it with a kiss.

 Eight years ago, we shared the first of many knives, the first of many cakes, the first of many great desserts.

Eight years ago, he looked at me, I laughed, and we began a lifetime together.

Eight years ago, we danced a moonlight serenade and I started practicing letting him lead.

Eight years ago, I took his hand, for better or for worse.

And one year ago, we celebrated our anniversary with the best gift we could imagine.

November 29th is one of my favorite days of the year.

Our Lady of Beauraing, pray for us.