It was bound to come up. In fact, if I’m honest, I felt sort of compelled to broach the subject of the family rosary, though, well…here, this gets things started:

I always feel a little sheepish admitting to people that my family doesn’t pray the family rosary. It’s like admitting that I’m not cheering for the sports team all my friends are playing on.

It first came up in a Faith & Family podcast last year. And when I admitted it, I found myself immediately surrounded by people sighing in relief.

You mean there’s comfort in knowing that?


But, all that said, I have big plans, or rather, big prayers. I want my family to pray the rosary together. I want my children holding on to Mary’s hand and turning to Jesus’ life as their model. I want us to spend that time together in what Pope John Paul II called “the School of Mary.” I dream of the spiritual growth that could happen because of it.

You’ll have to read the whole thing to find out more about the family rosary and me.

Do you pray a family rosary? Do you not? I’d love to hear your thoughts over at Fiath & Family Live!