Allow me to interrupt all this talk of my new book and the rosary. Not that I don’t like those things, mind you, but I need a moment to go into Fangirl Mode.


Remember how I loved her first Neeta Lyffe novel? Well, I loved this new one, Neeta Lyffe 2: I Left My Brains in San Francisco too. I saw an early copy of it (woohoo for THAT) and have been waiting impatiently to share it.

For you, this might not be an event that warrants bold all caps and jumping up and down, but for me…well, you can see how I feel about it.

Karina’s writing is fun and funny without ever neglecting her deep Catholicism. She’s a Catholic writing good, solid, delightful fiction. Mind you, I’m NOT a fan of zombies. Not. A. Fan. And yet…Karina has me reading along!

As part of her book’s tour through the blogosphere, Karina agreed to play the Twitterview game: five questions from me, her answers in 140 characters or less. Here you go:

Tell us about Neeta Lyffe: I Left My Brain in San Francisco.

What’s worse than #zombies?  Radical environmental terrorists!

What was the best part of writing this book?

Poking fun at liberal politics, gov’t craziness, the media, & the walking dead? What’s not to love?

What do you hope people take away from your book?

A sore belly from laughing so hard.

What’s on your writing playlist, if you have one?

I can’t write to a playlist—I need the quiet to listen to the events/characters.

If you were stranded in a bookstore, where would we find you?

You mean, aside from with my nose in “Lockpicking for Dummies?”

Do I have you interested? Check out the book for yourself and, while you’re at it, why not try out for Zombie Idol? Turns out Karina and her publisher are looking for someone to sing the theme song she wrote.