I was at the OB earlier this week and the nurse practitioner, who was seeing me in place of my vacationing doctor, was concerned that I am measuring significantly smaller than I was last week.

“Do you feel any smaller?” she asked me.

What do you say to that? That “lumbering” doesn’t quite describe my movements and “clamber” would be more graceful than the way I feel right now?

“Not exactly,” I sighed.

And so, because this is what they do when you go to a doctor and not a midwife,* they did an ultrasound, to make sure I had not lost a lot of liquid.

I might sound snarky, but look at THIS:

THIS is my little baby’s FACE.

Now, I know this is sort of a hidden pictures exercise, and it doesn’t help that I had to take a picture of the ultrasound since my scanner and my computer aren’t talking right now. So, here’s my attempt at explaining that picture and the amazement I feel every time I look at it:

38w4d us jwr labeled

Isn’t that GREAT?!?!?

* As for my snark about midwife versus doctor…I’ve been debating whether I should write a whole post. I don’t want to be snarky or even critical, but I have noticed a difference. And I don’t like it better. But, that said, all the doctors in this practice are GREAT and since my midwives went out of business, it was the only way to keep my business local. So. There you go: a footnote of more than you probably cared to know… 🙂