In case you find yourself in our parts, and you can’t understand the language…it is a special dialect based loosely on the English language…

Lemolade – a non-juice drink, regardless of lemon content

Yous (or Hims) – possessive, as in “I may wear yous shoes please?”

Butt-pankin – what you get when you tell Mommy “Duh!” or “Shut up!”; also, what Louie the Sheep Dog gets when he gets out and leaves the sheep (now, where she got this, I don’t know – we have never “butt-panked” Louie the Dog)

Dud-dud – the tall dark and handsome fellow who you admire above all others

Potter – a frozen treat which we eat obsessively in these parts

Loney – processed meat, preferably served in a roll or as a “Babby Special” (loney on bread, with a little bit of mustard and a slice of good ole American cheese)

Chalker nook – a beverage from cows mixed with our current favorite flavor (and one Mommy and Daddy highly approve of, as flavors go)

Mirrah – that which reveals how nice our ponytails look (though we’ll take them out in two minutes, if they last that long)

’Tend – as in “Let’s all ’tend I’m Junie B. and you’re Aunt Bo Peep!”

Marecoo Idol – the guilty pleasure show

I sink so – A response to an idea proposed by Professor Daddy, as in “Will we be able to brush the ponies?” “I sink so, yes!”

Hannah Tanna – aside from older girl cousins and young aunts, she who we admire (no, she doesn’t watch the show with any regularity – those older girl cousins introduced her to Hannah and what’s a mom to do?)

Washclausch – that patch of cloth we can often do without in the tub but which has such usefulness in other projects (as in the garden, for instance)