I’m a big fan of our local pharmacy. The owners are parishioners at our church, and I’ve gotten to know them through my work in the parish office and in the community.

They’re great people, and the wife, Robin, is a writer.

She’s also an animal lover, and in her review of Catholic Family Fun on the Plain City Druggist blog, she shares some great ideas and approaches for integrating animals into family fun.

I especially loved, how after she wrote a few paragraphs of ideas and resources, Robin wrote,

…I was having way too much fun thinking of ways for children to also have fun while learning about and helping animals! Sarah’s book inspired me so much that I’ve spent a lovely morning at the keyboard daydreaming and having my own kind of fun! Thanks, Sarah! I think this is exactly what Catholic Family Fun is meant to do–inspire us all!

That makes me smile, because yes, that is what Catholic Family Fun is meant to do!