On my 30th birthday, I broke my arm. It’s all documented, because on my 30th birthday I was also blogging. As I read back through the posts, I see how I struggled to stay positive, how I finally asked for help, how I battled PoorMe. It’s pretty interesting to see God at work — who would have thought a broken arm was a blessing?

I laughed then and I laugh now, because all I wanted that year for my birthday was lunch with my husband. I didn’t dive down the stairs to get it, but I did get lunch with my husband. 🙂

Somehow, the story of my broken arm seemed appropriate for this week’s column on Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help. There’s a lot of story that goes along with this title, full of drama and miracles, but that’s not what struck me.

In Mary’s gaze, I see a sister-in-arms and a mother-who’s-waiting. Jesus’ feet are curled and He just jumped into Mary’s arms, giving me an example of what I should do when I’m scared or worried.

The column is up at Today’s Catholic Woman. Enjoy!

Broken arm image from The Soft Landing
Mother of Perpetual Help image from The Church of St. John the Baptist