Something New

One of the promises I made recently was that I would be writing new activities for the Catholic Family Fun website.

I said Yes before I had ANY IDEA what I would write.

You know, because all the good ideas are already used, as in PUBLISHED IN THE BOOK.

Nevertheless, I did post an activity for April. And it’s something even I can handle and will be doing repeatedly with my own family.

Are you curious? Are you excited? Are you wondering what I have up my sleeve?  –> Go check it out!

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Something Nice

On the book tour note, Jennifer Fitz shares, in her review of Catholic Family Fun at Riparians at the Gate, some great observations.

You know how women’s magazines have those little articles about fun things to do with your family?  This is like 10 years of those ideas all in one place.  Only you are spared those obnoxious photos of pristine toaster ovens and closets organized by that sect of hermits who take a vow to own nothing but three pieces of splashy, sassy, ready-for-spring ensembles to pair with their strappy heels.  Also, no perfume ads.

She goes on with some further detail, which I have to say, made me want to read the book. Especially the part where she gives it the official Curmudgeon Stamp of Approval:

What if you are, in fact, the grumpy, curmudgeonly type? See the next section.  I advise letting your kids pick the activities.  That way you never need fear you’ve gotten all goofy and relaxed for nothing.  Also you could tell the kids you aren’t going to do Chapters 1 and 2 yourself, but you’ll give them five bucks if they’ll just be quiet while your finish reading the paper.  (Um, wait a minute.  No, that’s not how the book’s supposed to work.  Oops.)  Chapters 3-9 are Curmudgeon-Safe, though the one idea about a backyard circus makes me a little nervous . . .

My thanks to Jen for her review and for the great ideas she gave me! The list of people who will benefit from the book? Priceless! (Yes, I will be “borrowing” those!) The idea to include a package of bacon with the book for Mother’s Day? Brilliant!