The other day, I linked to a post by Heidi Jury, the community moderator at Today, join me in welcoming her here to tell us a bit about working for and with Chalice. In addition to her work with Chalice, she’s a mom and has a background in music. She’s an avid reader and has a passion for teaching children music.

“Chalice, as part of our work, (will) foster and encourage small communities of prayer and mutual care wherever we work.” – Fr Patrick Cosgrove, Chalice

As a mom I often tell my son that my life must reflect what I say – otherwise what I say is not what I truly believe….but sometimes it is hard to find a job and make a living that reflects how we want to live and believe. I have been blessed to find work that allows me to live out my purpose every single day – at Chalice, a Catholic Sponsorship Program.

Where else could I go to work in the morning to begin the day with Morning Prayer? Every day the staff at Chalice meet not to discuss the economic downturn, or the recent profit losses or gains, or even the problems of the day but to PRAY.  We pray for each other, for our sponsor sites and sponsor site staff, for our sponsored children and their families, for the needs of our sponsors/donors, and the world.  On Wednesday, January 12, Chalice gathered in prayer for Haiti as we marked the anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake: it was a sacred moment where we lit candles in remembering our sponsored children in Haiti, and for the repose of those who died.  That service’s solemnity is with me still.

Where else could I have conversations with others all day long and pray for them as part of my job? Part of what I love about my job in building our Chalice World of Prayer is the little conversations that pop out of nowhere… having a coffee with a friend without going out into the cold of January… the conversation I was able to have this weekend on praying through liturgical music with a fellow musician.  And, like the conversation I was able to have with Edley Gabeau, Chalice’ Assistant Director for Haiti North after our prayer service on January 12th: “In the name of the Haitian people we say a big thank you to all members of the Chalice organization and Chalice family in all regions of the world. We received all your heartfelt prayers and we here in Haiti North also pray for you all. Many blessings await those who share the daily bread with their sisters and brothers in need.”

Where else could I use prayer as a way to make a difference in the life of a child? The most amazing part of Chalice’ World of Prayer to me is that even though I am a mom and don’t have much money myself, I can make a difference in the life of a child.  I sponsor Pauline, a five year old little girl who loves art and music from Serenje, Africa.  But every day I can also make a difference by sending out a prayer either by email or in the mail.  This means that I can make a difference EVERY DAY – in a very meaningful way.  Through praying with others in the retreats, and through conversations with my prayer pals I learn new prayers, and new ways to pray.

How do you include prayer in your work? If you have a spare moment I want to warmly invite you to come pray with Chalice at our prayer site: During the month of January, our prayers are especially for Haiti and their continued rebuilding process.  Or post your prayer on this blog post and I will be happy to transfer them over to our Chalice Community of Prayer.  Blessings on your day!

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