About seven years ago, my husband took a philosophy course as part of his first year of undergraduate courses. It was great to listen to him talk about it and it got me really interested in the subject in a more scholarly way. Somehow I had avoided an actual philosophy course in my own college years.

We kept the textbook, but though I’ve always meant to dive into it, I never have.

Maybe the inspiration to actually do that has hit me in the form of another text, A Primer for Philosophy and Education, by Sam Rocha.


It’s a 45-page approach to philosophy that made me want more. Rocha uses imagery that explains things and, honestly, as a bit of a teacher myself, I had to admire how he made his points throughout the book.

He wrote it for his students:

This book is, first and foremost, a text written by a teacher to and for his students. You shouldn’t wonder whether you have my full attention. I am not writing to you by accident or coincidence. I am not principally concerned with anyone else but you. This narrow, specialized focus should give you total confidence that you are the intended audience.

He continues with an explanation of his reasoning for writing a book (as opposed to just providing information to his students each term) and then also addresses those of us who are reading the book and who are not his students in the literal in-his-classroom sense.

The way Rocha explains philosophy is brilliant, at least to my busy-with-the-rest-of-life mind. He proceeds logically and beautifully, using explanations that are both easy to understand and full of depth.

Reading this short work made me want to fly to North Dakota and take some of Rocha’s classes: if he’s half the teacher that he is writer, I’m sure I’d be hooked!

Whether you’re a mom with a bit of an interest in philosophy and education, a student looking for better information, or just someone who likes to read, allow me to introduce you to a book you won’t be sorry you read. It won’t take you long, but I’m betting it will impact you a bit.

Good stuff. Highly recommended.