It’s the end of September already, and I can’t help but reflect on the wonder of fall. The air has a crisp feel to it now, and the bright colors of October are only days away. As the leaves begin their parade of colors, and the crops continue their slow decay, and my husband begins long harvest hours and I find myself running around with my own life, I can’t help but say THANKS to God for the many blessings in my life. I’m inspired by the world around me, and by the bounty that this time of year showers all around me. Even as I run around busy, like the proverbial chicken sans head, I find myself stopping, with breath held, to just say THANKS.

It is all too easy to focus on the ways in which my life is NOT the way I want it to be. It’s so easy to point out the failings—in myself and in my situation. It’s so simple to complain and moan and sit on the couch ignoring the positive.

And then, there’s a splash of orange on my drive to work, a smell of beans being harvested, a ray of sunshine that warms my hands on the steering wheel. In that moment, I find myself jerked to where I should be: sitting at the feet of my Savior, singing grateful praise.

It’s amazing how gratitude is contagious. Once I start saying thanks for one thing, I can’t help but notice another. When I finally wake up to the blessings of my family, I can’t help but see how it ties into my professional life. I look around at the beauty that surrounds me in my home and my property, and then I can’t help but see the larger picture of my church, my town, my county, my state, my country.

I have been reflecting this week how God is a part of my life, the entire thing. In spending time with that fact—God is a part of my ENTIRE life—I can’t help but be stilled and humbled. So I thought I was the one in control? So I thought I had something to do with my success in a certain area? So I thought I could take credit for something that went well? The person behind the scenes—only “behind” because I keep him there—is God. The credit I so often want to take belongs to God. The “thank you” needs to be pointed to him.