I wasn’t going to participate in Poetry Friday today. I mean, I have a bajillion other things that need done, a cooing-not-for-much-longer baby upstairs, and, well, you get the idea.

But then, as I was finishing up some surfin around, I found this poem courtesy of this week’s Catholic Carnival. And how could I not participate in Poetry Friday? It’s like God nodded my way…

All God’s Creatures
My house,
It has some termites.
My house,
It is their feast.

The rest is here.

I’m pretty sure the author’s writing about my house, whether she knows it or not. We’ve been battling them all summer (and really since last summer), and I could use a smile and a laugh about it. (I could use a smile and a laugh about a lot of things lately, but I’ll take it on termites this morning.)

Big A Little A has the round-up over at her place…and I know where my online time will be spent later. (Oh, Poetry Friday, how I’ve missed you!)

(Does this mean I’ll be back to blogging? I sure hope so!)