October is one of my favorite months. This October promises to be no different. We celebrate a first birthday, a wedding (the first of the grandkids), and a visit (the first – and likely only – one this year from family we see about once a year).

This year I won’t be distracted away from my mooning over apples. 🙂

But I WILL, this October, try to make it an entire month without complaining.

Phew, I said it out loud (even if it is stolen fair and square from the founder of New Month’s Resolutions).

No complaining.



Not one word.

And, to take it a step further, for every complaint, I’ll say a prayer (most likely for the person or people or situations I find annoying and worth complaining about). I am also going to wear a bracelet of some kind to jog my memory, and, using Fr. Roderick’s suggestion from a few months ago, switch it to the other arm when I complain.

So that’s it for this month: no complaining. When (or, optimistically, if) I do, I’ll say a prayer and switch my bracelet to the other arm.

*New Month’s Resolutions, which Michelle inspired me to start, are “short-term commitments; they are easily attained goals; they focus on what is needed right now, instead of what is best for a lifetime.” I don’t always remember to keep them small or easily attained, but I do appreciate the practice of pausing at the beginning of each month to consider where I should focus my energy.