Stereotypes keep us from embracing truth. The story of Mary and Martha was never meant to be a psychological profile or a role play in which we choose the character with whom we most identify. This is the story of two different responses to one singular occasion. In it, we should find not our personality type, but the kind of heart Christ longs for us to have.

A heart centered on him alone.

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, by Joanna Weaver

What struck me as I read this book was that I wasn’t reading anything new. That said, I’m not trying to make myself sound like an expert on spirituality, because I’m not. What I may understand in theory, I do not put successfully into practice. Sitting at Jesus’ feet is a great concept, and it’s what I picture myself doing during Adoration. But Adoration is one hour a week, and the “Mary heart” Weaver is talking about throughout her book is a mindset, an approach, a new way of being. (So Adoration is a start, and probably a good one. But it’s not my “get out of jail free” card!)

Earlier this week, I was talking with some friends about this book, and someone mentioned that Mary was all well and good, but without the Marthas of the world, things just wouldn’t get done.

We all nodded.

But, you know, Mary got something done too. And that is what this book reminded me – that there is a time for my Mary and a time for my Martha, and that what God wants from me is the best of both.