I’ve been a fan of Amy Welborn’s writing for quite a few years. Her book on Mary (available now as a free pdf) remains one of the best I’ve read, and her latest book, Wish You Were Here, really made an impact on me.

I sent Amy five questions about writing Wish You Were Here, and she answered in 140 characters or less, Twitter-style.

Did you know, when you set out for Sicily, that your adventure would become a book?

As a writer, I’m aware that everything I experience is potential material for writing, in some form.  So in a way, yes.

What’s your favorite part of the book?

Probably the last chapter, which moves between a beach in SE Sicily and Birmingham. It sums it all up – all of it – the loss and the hope.

Was writing therapeutic for you or did it reopen wounds and make grieving harder?

Both. Writing,even just for myself, is THE way I process reality. But 2 years of rewriting also meant constantly revisiting painful moments.

When you think about the book, is there anything about it that makes you smile?

Many of the stories make me smile, especially those involving my kids. I have good memories of the Sicily trip, and the book reflects that.

Did you learn anything about yourself while writing this book? If so, what?

I learned the lessons that the book describes, in very profound way:  Jesus is Lord, has conquered death & I need to live that way.

For more of Amy, find her at Booked and Charlotte Was Both or check out her many books.