I found Katharine Grubb’s blog, 10 Minute Writer, via a mention at Conversion Diary (the comment about learning more about writing from Katharine’s blog than a book on writing totally roped me in).

I followed her blog for a while and then discovered, to my delight, that @10MinuteWriter is one of the most hilarious, entertaining, and helpful people I love on Twitter.

In fact, a few summers ago, when my mancub was just a wee thing, Katharine and her whole family–all seven of them–stopped by our farm and had lunch with us as a slight detour to their multi-thousand-mile trip to Oklahoma from Boston and back.

Yes, my girls snuck into that picture. And yes, this was the “OK, gang, make funny faces” shot. Note how Katharine and her husband are SMILING. That’s the kind of people they are. (And the kids are h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. and sooooo wonderful!)

Over the years, Katharine has become a dear sister in Christ to me. We’ve talked on the phone and become friends in a way that makes me wish she could pop in for coffee more than once every couple of years.

The news about Katharine’s new release, Falling for Your Madness, was exciting for me.

For one thing, it’s a GRRRRREAT book. I was delighted by it and, quite frankly, LOVED IT. It represents a kind of book that I didn’t even know I was missing reading because, um, there aren’t many of them. But I digress…I’ve already raved about the book.

For another, I’m a writer. I get the excitement of a book being published.

So it’s a great joy to see Katharine as a published author now, launching her first novel. She’s a talented writer and has a way of making me laugh. Her sincerity and love of life and God shine through, without being shoved down your throat.

That’s a long-winded, highly personalized introduction to the Twitterview she agreed to do…so, without further blathering by me, here are the questions–remember, she had to answer in 140 or less, just like on Twitter.

Tell us about your book.

British, chivalrous, eccentric professor seeks friend/sweetheart/bride. Believers in magic a plus. Must like flowers & poetry & rules.

What inspired you to write Falling for Your Madness?

My college ministry’s influence. My courtship w/ my husband. My love of things eccentric & British & I’m a sucker for romance.

What do you hope readers take away from this book?

To laugh. To be elevated. To be reminded of how God intended courtship to be. To be encouraged to pursue romance intentionally.

What was your favorite part about writing Falling for Your Madness?

My main character David! His determination to please Laura, to please his father and to please God touched me, challenged me and made me laugh.

What writing habit or technique made finishing it possible?

Obsession. My patient family allowed me to be consumed by this book last summer. If I have to write another book this way, it may kill me.

I’m giving away a copy of Falling for Your Madness this week (along with a prize pack that’s worth fighting over, honestly) and, in case you wondered, I LOVED IT.