Fair time is here, and so is the bumper crop of sweet corn. We look at the corn – it’s got to be at a record height by now! – and then boggle at the soybeans, which are more touch-and-go with the early spring rain we got, and I can’t help but stop to say thanks.

Biblical writers were farmers, for the most part. Well, I guess they were wandering nomads until they settled down. Looking out over the lush green tassled fields, I can see where Jesus got his inspiration. He wasn’t looking at field corn, or probably tasting the fabulous varieties of sweet corn we’re regretting gorging ourselves on, but he saw the joy in raising things. He saw the wonder that having a hand in God’s creation gives to man.

Whether your thumb’s green or not, whether it’s weeds you’re fighting or corn you’re husking, whether you’re driving by or jumping in, say a word of thanks for this abundant crop we have. Your crop may be students, or it may be children, or perhaps colleagues or other people in your life. Here in America, we have more abundance than we fully appreciate.