A Mary Moment Monday post

One of the great joys of my life in the last few years has been the opportunity to work with seminarians through my work at our parish. In the last year, especially, I’ve had the chance to get to know a few of these young men very well.

This makes my heart sing in many ways. For one thing, my children are getting to know men who may be priests. When I’m brave enough to invite them for dinner, my kids see that these guys (who are often younger than Mom and Dad) are…well, they’re fun. They laugh. They eat food. They are people. (This is a lesson I think every Catholic family should teach in great detail: priests and seminarians are men. MEN. PEOPLE.)

This year, we have two seminarians helping with a Confirmation follow-up program that I’ve been leading. In the three weeks since I’ve started working with them, I find myself smiling about them. They are just so darned…well, yes, they are cutie patooties (which is shorthand for “Sarah is feeling all maternal about them“). But they are also amusing and full of life and vim and vigor. I think we surprise each other in equal measure.

Maybe it’s similar to the feeling I continue to have about mothering young children: how did I not get the memo that it would be FUN? (Yes, it’s a lot of work too. I do not deny that. But it also keeps me very much saner than I would be otherwise.)

We begin our Confirmation follow-up sessions with a rosary. Our discussion this week was about saints, and one of the sems mentioned that he attaches medals for his special saints to his rosary.

Talk about a total “THAT IS SO AWESOME” moment!

Craft rosary-making people, of whom I aspire to purchase products from, take note: he adds them on an ongoing basis.

No, I don’t have a picture. But you of the artsy mindset don’t need one, do you? No…this is what he does to the rosary he keeps in his pocket.

And since I always lose my favorite rosaries, I guess I’m going to have to start investing in a lot of medals to add to all of my rosaries…

And maybe a beeping finder thing, too. Because the lost rosaries want to be found…

* * *


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