A great way to be reminded that Advent is looming, in case you were wondering, is to agree to write an Advent book.

In the last week, Advent has been very much on my mind (I’ve been preparing a talk for next week and I had an interview and there’s that book thing).

With Advent so much on my mind, I thought I’d share seven of my favorite resources for Advent preparation. I also added a widget to the sidebar, too. You know, because Advent is close!

(We interrupt this post for some screaming and running around, lest you think I’m calm and collected about Advent.)

Praying Advent

I’ve been using Creighton University’s Praying Advent site for a number of years. It never fails to help me appreciate the many aspects of Advent, and it can expand or shrink to what I need on any given day.

No-Panic Advent Series

Karen Edmisten’s No-Panic Advent series is something I reread every year. For one thing, Karen makes me smile. For another, she always reminds me to keep it simple and gives great tips for things to try and do.

Advent Wreaths

I have a soft spot for Advent wreaths, and I just love these weekly Advent prayers from St. Charles Church and these descriptions of the meanings of each candle by Living Hope.

A Pile of Great Links & Resources

CatholicMom.com has everything from recipes and coloring pages to lesson plans and reflections. There are resources you can purchase and creative gift ideas.

Take Baby Steps

Last year, Jen Fulwiler compiled a list of 24 super simple Advent ideas and they’re worth reading and considering.

Advent Music

I try to keep myself from the Christmas tunes as long as I can, and listening to Advent music helps. I found, in my searches, a site with Advent hymns and another with a musical Advent calendar. O Night Divine has a section on Advent music that’s awesome, and the Vatican website also has a section on Advent music.

Welcome Baby Jesus

Hey, look at that! I have just the book for your Advent

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