— 1 —

Remember last year’s Advent wreath link-up?

I just stumbled across that post the other day and thought, hey! Let’s do that again!

What you do:

Take a picture of your Advent wreath.

How you participate:

Option 1: Post your picture to your blog and send me the link to that post via TwitterFacebookGoogle+email, or by leaving a comment right here.

Option 2: Send me your picture via TwitterFacebookGoogle+, or email.

When you should do it:

Send me your entry by Wednesday, December 12, Noon EST, and I’ll include it in the post I’m going to do on Thursday, December 13. (And if you’re late with it, I’ll still try to get it included, so no worries.)

I’m looking forward to seeing how lovely your Advent wreaths are! 

— 2 —

I have three words for you: Mac app store.

Yes, it’s taken me this long.

And rather than prepare you something actually useful, I may or may not have just tried my hand at a nifty app I found that generates memes.




and this:

are what I came up with.


If this doesn’t gain me some credibility or a nap, I don’t know what does.

Beware, oh parish bulletin, beware. If I’m feeling punchy enough as deadlines get tight…



— 3 —

Here’s something actually useful:

Advent and Lent Quest…this looks do-able for Slacker Sarah. Not this year, perhaps, but maybe in the future…

Or how about this?

 LOVE. It’s a Jesse Tree and an Advent calendar. I found it under the heading “Inventive Advent Calendars.” No worries about me contributing to that, but I liked looking. Maybe someday…

— 4 —

Here’s a cute and easy craft idea for you. And, get this, it’s something even *I* can do!

What you need: an old missalette. (They get recycled at our parish. Bet they do at yours, too. So get on in there and ask for some!)

Option 1: Garland

Cut up the pages into strips and make a paper chain out of them. Perfect for the music lover, small child, or person-who-needs-decorations.

Option 2: Trees

Start at the beginning and fold the pages in half diagonally. Continue with the entire book. When you’re done, it should be a triangle-shaped “tree.”

Option 3: Candles

Start at the beginning and fold the pages in half length-wise. Continue with the entire book. When you’re done, it will be a big pillar. My sources assure me that you can tie a colored ribbon around it and call it a candle for your Advent wreath. (There may or may not have been discussion that night about how exactly it burns as a candle. Someone may or may not have been invited to quietly observe instead of participate in the discussion.)

Any other ideas for old misalettes? I’ve worked for our parish for years now, and been part of this whole “spend lots of money on these books we use for a year and then pitch” cycle without ever considering how to put them to use after they’re destined for the trash. I’m wondering what someone who really has a crafty gene could do.

*These suggestions were not mine. Don’t even make THAT mistake. They came from our catechist get-together earlier this week. I am the Anti-Craft, as I have said before, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know who to tap into to find crafts…sometimes when I’m not even expecting it!

— 5 —

The one resource I use again and again and again every year at Advent: Creighton University’s Praying Advent page.

— 6 —

Click to find more great Facebook covers!

Advent comes to Facebook, thanks to the awesome Daughters of St. Paul.

— 7 —

If you’re looking for a truly awesome listing of Advent resources, check out this one at A Cyberpilgrim’s Blog.

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