Karen Edmisten is one of my go-to gals when it comes to, well, a lot of things, but let’s start with Advent–her No-Panic Advent series is one I reread every single year.

To find out, then, that she posted a review of Welcome Baby Jesus was delightful (though putting a number on how many days til Advent is a little…SCARY…to me).

It’s also very humbling. (She’s one of my favorite authors, after all.)

Karen says, among other things,

Because Sarah doesn’t talk down to kids, there’s enough substance in the “Think” sections for us adults, so they work at varying levels for the whole family. We can all be challenged by such questions as, “When we are asked to do work we might consider ‘servant’ work, how do we respond?” (Ummm, I think I’ll be taking yet another look at my attitude toward laundry this Advent.)  For very young children, the “Think” passages could be shortened or skipped — head straight to “Pray” and “Act” with the littlest ones.

Thanks, Karen! It’s not too late to get your own copy, and I’d especially encourage you to send some business to your local Catholic bookstore (it’s no cheaper on Amazon than it is anywhere else).