I think I had the MOST FUN I have EVER had at a talk tonight.

And I couldn’t find my camera before I left home and I have no audio to share and…well, you’ll just have to believe me. I did, however, tweet my set-up pic (from my non-smartphone):

I used not one, but TWO Advent wreaths during my talk. What can I say? Flames are FUN! :)

I used not one, but TWO Advent wreaths during my talk. What can I say? Flames are FUN! 🙂

So, for those of you who I promised Advent links and suchlike…here you go. (You have that white chocolate mocha I treated myself to on my drive home to thank for the fact that I’m getting this up yet tonight.)

Thank you, ladies, for a wonderful evening. I was truly blessed by tonight, and I’ll hold you all in my prayers during this Advent journey.

Scriptural Rosary

For those who commented on the decade of the rosary we closed with, you can find it at ScripturalRosary.org. That page walks you through praying the rosary and it’s beautiful, too.

Have an mp3 player? My favorite audio rosary is available from Rosary Army, and you can download the regular rosary AND the scriptural rosary there.

The story of the Advent wreath

Want the story my aunt told me about the Advent wreath that I used in my talk? The story at Living Hope is the closest I’ve come to finding it online. (I’m holding out that I’ll find that paper she gave me years ago. St. Anthony just needs a bit more time…)

I summarized a bit about the story a couple of years ago. If you want to read more about my aunt and see more pictures of that wreath, here’s the link.

Advent music

Why yes, there is.

Great Advent resources

Look in the sidebar to the left, over there…


I’ve been collecting links for a couple of years and keeping them updated. Though I’m geared up on mocha goodness, I’m also fading fast, so I’m just going to point you there. Love me anyway. 🙂

My Advent book: Welcome Baby Jesus

If you can forgive the “Cute Jesus” cover, I think you’ll find that it’s for more than just kids. I mean, can’t we all stand to pray for someone who annoys us? Or pick up a room to “make room”?

OK, maybe not. In that case, I have tons of other recommendations I’ve made over the years.

Now, scuse me. I have to get to bed so I can get up in the morning…