I offered to host Advent wreaths for people who don’t have blogs for the Advent Wreath link-up over at CatholicMom.com. So far, I’ve had three four submissions, so I’m posting them now and will post any others in a new post.

(Note: if you’re looking for mine, it’s in a different post.)

2014 Advent Wreath Link-up

Feast your eyes on these fine examples of Advent wreaths! (And don’t forget to check out the rest of the wreaths too!)

From Jeannie Ewing:


Jeannie blogs, but didn’t have a chance to post this at her blog.

From Naomi Owens:


I especially love the backdrop! 🙂

From Cathy Knipper:


Cathy writes:

I made it last night with my two bachelor cousins, ages 22 and 34–better late than never!  The candles are left over from last year, but they still work and are all the right colors! After 31 years of  marriage, we still have one thing left from the decorations I brought for our first Advent wreath when we lived in Germany — the bow for the pink candle, which unfortunately you cannot see in this photo.

Well, Cathy, I think it looks great. You make me wish I knew how to do that with the greenery — we have tons left over from our tree!


From Cathy Knipper’s Dad:


Cathy says her dad’s a gardener, and I have to admit: it shows!